What does it actually mean to be successful?


What does it actually mean to be successful?

Is it a certain amount of money?
A certain number of clients?
A certain amount of "busy"ness?

Who actually cares?

Yes, you do -
And it doesn't matter what anyone else "thinks", REALLY.
let's be real...

how many clients you have doesn't actually mean anything to anyone - except you
How often you see those clients doesn't actually mean anything to anyone else - but you...
How many hours you choose to "work" doesn't actually mean anything to anyone else - but you...

Can we be done with all this?

I understand it's easy to generalize the Desires...

And it is creating an experience of DISCONNECTION

Disconnection from what's true - for YOU.
Disconnection from the Desire.
Disconnection from yourself.
Disconnection from your Truth.

What do YOU actually want to experience?

I invite you to pull all of your seeking, trying, people pleasing energy back into your center.

Invite it all in - even the sticky parts.

Give it as much time as it needs to find its way back.
No judgement.

Now, from here, what do YOU actually WANT to be experiencing?

Can that be YOUR definition of success?

For today, this week, this year.

You can always change it.

This actually is all about YOU, so let's let everyone else have their own experience.

Are you willing to call yourself on your own stuff?

Are you willing to call yourself on your own stuff?

Are you willing to check in with yourself and know when it isn't meant to be?

Are you willing to see your dark AND your light?

Are you willing to see where you are hiding or giving up instead of letting your personal power shine so bright you get exactly what you want and even more?

When you own your stuff, all of it, the good, the bad, the powerful, the uncomfortable, that is where the growth is.

Shifting the energy...

There is a powerful difference between wanting something to happen and allowing it to happen NOW..jpg

As a powerful creator and entrepreneur, you likely hold very strong desires. What you want to create or experience in your business, with your clients, with your money, with all of the rest of your life, yes?

There is a way that the desire can be kept outside, as in off in the distant future. Even if it feels close, it is still away, not here now.

I love this practice to shift the energy...

So you have this desire, there is something you want to create or experience for yourself, yes?

First, get super clear on that.

Then, if you were to imagine where that is in relation to your body, where do you notice it?

I find that often it is outside of the body, in front or off to the side.

Invite it to come closer, to move toward your body, to find a home inside your body somewhere.

Notice what comes up for you as you invite it into your space, into your reality, into your present time.

Will it move into your present time, or are there things coming up for you to look at and work with first?

There is a powerful difference between wanting something to happen and allowing it to happen NOW.

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How to hear your TRUTH in the middle of UNCERTAINTY (3 simple steps & a story)…

Over the last few weeks I had set the intention to decide on a next step.  It was something that I knew I wanted to do, and at the same time there was a part of me that was a no to it – or at least a not now.  

I had a few weeks to decide and so I let it be and trusted that the decision would become so clear to me that I would just know.  

And during those few weeks life happened - birthday parties, clients, lunches to pack, soccer games, my ongoing commitment to my personal practice and personal development.  

The closer the date came the more anxious I was feeling.  I was a mix of emotions, and very much being in my head.  

My mind was in charge contemplating every which way of this decision.  I finally reached a point where I knew that in my heart I was a yes, but my brain was experiencing NO’s everywhere it could find something good to connect to.  So I let it be, I was a yes and my brain was going to have to get on board.

Then during one of my energy healing sessions something so profound happened that it changed everything.  I was like a new person, having released some more very core beliefs, and found myself reengaging with this decision. 

Something had changed.  And now I needed to make the decision from this new place.  

So back to the whirling feelings of anxiety and back to my brain working on overdrive to help me “figure it all out”.  

The night before this deadline I finally did these 3 things that helped me to reach peace, calm, and a final decision that feels so right and has stuck.  

1.     I set an intention to wake up in the morning with crystal clarity and a definitive answer. 

2.     I let my brain entertain all the rationalizations, I didn’t fight myself, I just let it do it’s thing (write it out, talk it out, think it out). 

3.     I asked to see and know the truth.  And for me in this moment, clarity came through instantly.  And then I wrote it out.  

Writing to yourself, or speaking it out loud, can be a really powerful way for you to connect to your higher self, or inner truth, so you can clear through the clutter and reach clarity.  

And that is when it all became clear to me.  This thing that was so important to me, melted away.  It was a freedom that I had been longing for for days.  I had clarity.  

I could see that this was something that is important to me.

It is important for me as I continue down my path and doing work that is purposeful and meaningful to me. 

It is an important part of my personal experience and something I remain committed to.

And, my answer was no.  I finally reached my decision.  

The really beautiful part was that when I reached this sense of peace and calm with the clarity of this answer, I began to see more new possibilities. 

I couldn’t see it when I was in it.  And I couldn’t get to the complete Yes or No until I worked through all the layers.  

No one could tell me what to do – even though I was so tempted to call in all the support (and I did spend a few sessions with my support team working through the layers), I had to find my own way all the way into this space. 

And now, in the NO, there is more possibility open to me than I could have imagined. 

I invite you to give this a try when you are looking for clarity – and be willing to peel back your layers (even the ones you don’t think are there, or can’t quite see), so you can reach your own version of peace and clarity. 

Sending you love,


P.S. If you would like support peeling back the layers so you can see things more clearly and begin to experience what you really want in your business, your money, and your relationships, Connect with me Here.

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Aren’t you tired of it? Struggle is no longer on the menu…

Where is struggle living in your body? 

Where is it living in your business?

I hear from you the struggle of how do I price, how do I message, how do I sell my work, how do I create new clients?

Under all the hows is a "running away" from struggle. 

Stop and breathe that in for a moment. 

Where are you running away from struggle by trying to figure stuff out?

Figuring things out is an activity for your mind.  Your mind is super smart, and it has served you for your whole life, and it keeps you alive!  Thank goodness for your mind!

And your mind is also connected to this other wealth of information – your body, your soul, god/universe/spirit/source (whatever you call IT). 

Perhaps your mind is tired of the struggle.  Maybe it’s tired of having to figure it all out, having to do it all on its own. 

Would you be willing to call in and RECEIVE support?  Support from your whole self, from all the parts of you that already know this, that already know how to stop the struggle.

So at this point your mind has probably already screamed “YES!”, and, what does the rest of you have to say? 

I’m curious, would you be willing to get curious?

Ask your body, soul, spirit, what would it like?  Would it like to end the struggle?

So, here’s what I invite you to do, get curious where you are feeling or experiencing the struggle in your body.  Bring your awareness there.  Get even more curious. 

Bring your awareness even closer, what do you notice?  Is it expansive or precise in it’s location?  Is there a temperature or a color? Is there a texture?

Can you get even closer?

Would you allow it to whisper to you a secret?  Go ahead, ask it, what would struggle like for you?  What does it REALLY want for you – it’s probably something pretty good.  (Because if it wasn’t truly helping you in some way, you wouldn’t use it anymore.)

Beautiful, so it wants something for you.  Thank it, send it gratitude, stay with it as long as you can until the experience of the feeling or sensation or emotion begins to shift or dissipate. 

Stay curious.

Keep breathing. 

Struggle is indecisive, it is back and forth, it is confused, it is not knowing.

The opposite of struggle is a gentle guided path forward.  It’s one step at a time.  It’s clear.  It’s simple.

Now that you have made friends with struggle and can appreciate what it is doing to support you, would you be willing to ask it what is the next step from here? 

Breathe.  Listen.  Breathe.  Listen. 

Listen from your whole knowing, as if your mind was eavesdropping from the other room. 

Beautiful.  Yes, go do THAT.  



Your emotions can help or hurt your business. Here's how to know AND what to do...

Are your emotions helping or hurting your business?  


How's that for keeping the suspense going?  

FIrst, I'm addressing this to people who are interested in creating change in the world.  If you are here because you are looking for a quick step by step path to something, this is not for you.  

And, you are probably here because you are doing your work and wanting to make an impact.  And when you do that all kinds of things can get stirred up.  Your emotions which are directly connected to your beliefs, your stories and illusions about what is True, your physical movement, the way you nourish your body, your spiritual practice, and on and on.  

So, let's look at both sides of this, since they are both relevant and important.  

1.  Your emotions are an invaluable tool to discover the stories, patterns, and illusions you may have bought into AND they can help you to know when you are or are not in integrity and alignment with your work.  

2.  Your emotions can be a brilliant way to keep you safe and show up as a great big distraction from the real work you are here to do. 

Clarification:  This can be a part of #1 above, but here I'm referring to the other ways you may be triggered emotionally - like your sleep, your self-care, your diet, exercise, daily practice, relationships, etc. 

And in both points there can be a way it serves and a way that it takes away from your business. 

Leveraging your emotions can help you to discover what's really going on.  For example, if you are feeling lethargic and unmotivated in your business, perhaps the need underneath that is to be more deeply connected to a bigger WHY or purpose.  So you can look at that and be curious about what this is here to reveal to you. 

However, the exact same situation, feeling lethargic and unmotivated can also be directly related to a lack of sleep, poor diet, lack of movement, or other more physical level causes. 

So what do you do with this?  How do you know when to dig deeper and when to take a nap or go to a naturopath? 

The first step is to get curious about what is going on.  

Is this something that just appeared out of the blue and could just as easily disappear tomorrow? 

Is this something that is here to identify a misalignment in you or your work and is asking for more exploration? 

The next step after being curious is to choose a tool to dig deeper.  You can use EFT (tapping), journaling, meditation, be in your akashic records, move your body, take a nap, go to bed early.

The key here is to tune into what you are experiencing every day so you can start to have a grounded experience for what is going on in your body, your mind, and ultimately your business. 

When you are curious and observing what is going on with your emotions, it moves you out of feeling triggered, beating yourself up, and feeling guilty for not feeling or acting in another way.  

So what is under the feeling you are experiencing, what is the need you have?  And this isn't a need like - set up my marketing funnel, or do my sales calls, kind of a need.  This is I am feeling tired, and I need clarity (or rest).  

When you dig deeper and look at what is the need under the feeling, then you can have a really great clue as to what is truly going on.  

And from there you actions become directed toward fulfilling that need - instead of giving yourself a hard time because you didn't complete items 2-10 on your "to do" or intention list.  

Whatever you do, please keep this in mind, YOU are a whole person running your business or cause or big mission.  If you continue to compartmentalize your business and yourself, you are moving against the current, against yourself.  

When you step into being the leader of your business and you address your whole self, then you can more gracefully bring your change into the world - and actually feel like you can change the world in the process.  

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  • Lead WITH instead of leading OVER (with control)

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Discovery, soul-searching and inquiry...

Here is something I am playing with, I would love your thoughts...

It seems that there is a progression to our evolution.

What I witness is that there is usually something "close to home" that is the catalyst for the initial change or beginning of the path to self/soul discovery.

This seems to come in the form of a focus on changing an area of our health or body, a relationship (with partner, parent, friend), parenting, and starting or growing a business.

This can cause all kinds of significant and deep transformation that eventually shifts the focus to the self. Along this path it becomes more and more clear that we are the creator of our experience and that in each area that may arise for us to focus, we as the individual are truly the source for the change.

So while we may focus on our health, and then our relationships or parenting, and a business (or career growth) - and the path can take any multitude of combinations - along the way we discover that these things are the source of the desired change, but the true ability to create the change comes from within the individual.

This can be both a frustration and a relief.

Frustration in the sense that it can feel like a lot of responsibility to handle, to be the creator of our own experience, and ultimately the place where the change can be created.

Relief in the sense that finally there is something you have "control" of. A relief that if you do your work you can experience what you really want.

This moves us further down the exploration of the personal development path. Discovery, soul searching, inquiry, taking in a lot of information from external sources - all which leads us closer and closer to our path, our truth.

Until the moment when we realize that we have access to everything we need inside. That what we have been searching for all this time is actually available to us every moment of every day.

Again, this can be both challenging and liberating.

And after this integration and up level has taken place, we can move to something even greater. As a person on their path to growth, we can turn our attention to something outside of ourselves. We can take this grounded, aware, reflective individual and put this forward to create amazing change in the world.

Change that can't happen until the first change has occurred inside. The kind of change that results in big impact in the world. The kind of change where it takes someone who knows their own light and dark, gifts and struggles, to go into the world and be witness to what is truly occurring. Someone who can "see" with new eyes - without being triggered, without feeling inadequate, without doubt or fear - and take ACTION. Massive action that now benefits both the individual and the community/the world, because this person can't NOT do what they are here to do.

They can't NOT create the change they are here to create in this world.

Some will be complete at different stages along the path, others may have a completely different experience with their path, some will never come to this point of shifting the focus out into the world.

There is no judgement, there is no right or wrong, there is just you doing your work. Wherever you go on your path is beautiful.

Do your work. Discover your greatness. Never stop discovering about your self and your purpose. Then go take great ACTION to create the change you are here to create.



Trusting yourself is a bunch of hooey...


"Oh just trust yourself."
"What does your gut say?"

Here's the truth with trusting yourself, you have to trust the source; that brilliant shining place of inner knowing.

The tricky part is how do you know if you are listening to truth, or to fear?

How do you know if other people's expectations or stories are unconsciously involved?

Trusting yourself is not easy. It is an art. It is a practice. Something you develop overtime.

I'm sure there are people who do just trust themselves. But what about the rest of us?

I have been learning to trust myself for quite some time now.  Really making it a regular practice.  Almost testing it out, scientifically.  What does it feel like when I trust, what are the results?  

I have spent a lot of time and energy looking externally for other sources to trust.  I have had authority figures, coaches, intuitives, all people who I unknowingly was looking to trust.  Because I couldn't trust myself.  

I didn't realize it was this simple.  Of course there were things that I wanted to learn and needed to learn along the way.  And, when it came down to it, I was giving my power over to external sources.  Clearly they knew more than me!  

And in a way they did.  Or at least they were willing to stand in their leadership space and support me to find the answer.  

Sometimes I was guided to find the answer within, and other times I was told the answer.  What I have since learned is that there is really no other answer than the one within.  Of course that seems so obvious, but putting into practice and really trusting it is a whole other story.  

I do know that I can trust myself.  AND when I find myself in a moment where for whatever reason I am moving back into my old ways of doing things, I still move toward looking for external sources.  

This doesn't mean I don't value learning from people who have expertise in other areas, or that I don't highly value being supported through my beliefs and energy shifts.  These all allow me to trust myself even deeper.  

The funny thing is that now my external sources all are guiding me back to what I already know.  And having that shared with me is another way for me to deepen and remember that I actually have what I need inside me, if only I am willing to trust it.  

It sounds simple.  But it's actually not simple at all.  It's one of the biggest acts of love you can give yourself.  It's taking full responsibility for the current situation and full responsibility for what comes next.  There is no one to blame.  

And perhaps that's the scariest part of all.  When you're willing to own your results, and to take action on that, that's when it all happens.  

It all comes back to the source.  Do you trust the source?  Do you trust yourself?  

What needs to be true for you to practice more and more your willingness to trust your self?  

Come on now, it's easy... ;)

Are you interested in learning more about how you can trust yourself and how that can be the greatest asset for your business?  Let me know and I'll share more in an upcoming blog or free class!  



This is where the MAGIC happens...


In my coaching sessions for awhile now, longer than I even realized, I have been really leaning into a special tool I have developed.  It's something we all have, but not everyone trusts it.  It's your INTUITION.  

Although that word doesn't seem to do it justice for me.  It's more like connecting to your inner wisdom, your great knowing.  And when you bring that into a client session and it meets with the energy of the client - that's where the magic happens! 

I used to discount this, I used to think there were just times when I was really on and times where it was just luck.  But now I know that there is actually something much deeper going on here.  This isn't random.  This is a very purposeful creation taking place to maximize the experience of creation between two powerful creators.  

I hold all my clients as powerful creators.  

The more that I have developed my process for tapping into this greater wisdom, things will come through me that were meant specifically for that client.  They are things that came through specifically to be delivered to that client.  The more that I step out of the way of that process and trust this knowing, this greater wisdom, the more the magic happens.  

This is not about me.  My ego can't be involved.  As soon as that happens, that's when the flow stops.  

And WOW!

The process of connecting with the power of your knowing during your client sessions creates powerful results beyond any "coaching" skills.

It's where the magic happen.

If you want to learn more about how to use the wisdom that is beyond your intellectual, thinking brain, send me a note and I'll know this is something you are interested in reading more about.  I can feel there is more to come...

For now, what are some of the practices you can do for yourself to allow this to become more purposeful and timely - and not random?  I would love to hear about your experiences.