The cost of HIDING is now greater than the cost of BEING SEEN.


Oh self-doubt…

Self-doubt is running on a level deep below the surface, only to pop out and be seen when you are allowing yourself to step more fully into allowing yourself to Be Seen.

The actions you take, the new beliefs you hold that are integrating in every cell in your body, are starting to shake the very foundation of this self-doubt program.

It is holding on for dear life, KNOWING that it serves you in some way, begging to stay in place, slipping away when you begin to really get a sense of it.

Self-doubt peeks around and asks you to look at it. See it in the eyes. Hold it in your hands. Offer it love, acceptance, appreciation, and compassion.

There are so many ways it has served you throughout your life. Keeping you from shining the bright light on your greatness to keep you safe, belonging and being loved.

Keeping your greatness from truly being seen served you before, but now it is time that you can’t keep that hidden any longer.

It is time to shed the masks, to release the layers of untruths, to just BE who you are – without apology, without exception.

The cost of HIDING is now greater than the cost of BEING SEEN.

And even then, self-doubt will peek back out again and check – are you sure?

Are you sure you want to do this? 
Are you sure you are safe? 
Are you sure I can’t still help you?

And just like a child who is getting ready to experience something new and exciting – they may cling to your leg and then pull away, only to come back to check in with you again.
But this part of you knows that it is time. 
You are safe.

You are ready to “risk” being the fullest expression of yourself – because everything else is just another way of fighting against yourself, keeping parts of yourself hidden – and truly that’s just so much more work.

So you choose THIS version of “ease”. The one that still feels new and not completely settled - and not so easy. But THIS version is the one that is ready to BE SEEN.
You are safe.

Let's upgrade your system to acclimate to a new level of impact and receiving!

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My quantum leap is actually just a step... (yes and no)


My quantum leap is actually just a step... (yes and no)

It feels like the edge, the precipice, the next big thing coming...

It feels exciting and the nerves are rushing

It feels like an old interpretation of anxiety, but this version of me knows this nuance better, more refined

It grows bigger, and bigger

And then the energy moves down
Feeling the truth that is below me and around me

And I can see clearly the step forward

What felt like the next quantum leap, the thing that takes all the courage, the willingness, the faith...

Is actually just a step

No jumping
No leaping
No guessing

Just a step
Just another step

That's it.

That's the quantum leap.

Every step is my next quantum leap...


The "step" is an illusion of my resistance,

No step is needed.

There's a bridge
With unlimited support
Carrying me


What will it take for me to choose?

Safety for my brain...
And my brain can see the safety.

What will it really take?

I have to CHOOSE it.

And I do.

And what I ride of grounded, support and ease that is carrying me.

Oh such a tricky pattern that can keep me from RECEIVING.

And the truth that it's so much easier to CHOOSE it than to RESIST it

So here I am, 
And here I go.

(Art by Eugenia Loli)

Are you TOO BIG?


Isn't it time to stop playing the "I'll smash myself down to make it ok for you" game?

What if you leaned toward your bigness? 
What if you amplified your greatness? 
What if you activated your gifts even more?

Yep, some people might not be able to handle it, and some may not even be able to see you anymore.

And those who are meant to see you for who you are will be able to see you, hear you, connect with you in a way that feels so much lighter, simpler, and true.

It's exhausting holding it in.

And, it's not an invitation to let your Ego run wild all over everyone.

It is an invitation to shine brighter from the light in you, your truth, your essence, your greatness.

People who need you to be smaller so they can be ok are not in your highest and best good.

And you are not serving them in being their highest self by pretending to be something your not.

Sure, you're still working through your stuff.

And you probably always will be in some fashion, as that's the rapid path of expansion you are riding, right?

And THAT doesn't mean you have to "hold it in" until... some point not yet defined.

It's time to take up space NOW

It's time to amplify your light NOW

It's time to activate your greatness NOW

This isn't an intellectual process, it's an energetic upgrade.

This is one of the energetic patterns of (in)visibility that shows up for people here to create their great change in the world.

Do you want support on this path? Message me and let's take a look at what's available.
PM for details. It's time... ✨✨✨

Where are you hiding from your dreams?

Where are you hiding from your dreams?

-Stopping yourself before you let it happen
-Starting but not following through
-Seeing the things that aren't working, instead of the clues left along the way

Are you willing to take a stand for receiving what you say you want?

Will you claim it for yourself?

Will you let it find you - all the way?

Will you stop hiding from yourself?

Are you ready to BE SEEN NOW - for you, your business, your dreams?

Send me a PM and let's take a look at what's keeping you and your business from being seen now - at this level.

Do YOU feel like you are truly BEING SEEN in YOUR business? 

I have been speaking with some AMAZING women these last few weeks.  Women who are industry changers, leaders, visionaries, people with a big mission and a desire to create a big impact!  And the thing that showed up again and again is that they are somehow keeping themselves from really putting their work and themselves out there to be seen by their ideal clients - at this next level
They didn't use to have this experience, there was a time they felt confident and certain. But now…

  •  Lack of confidence at the new level they are playing
  •  Uncertain about charging the higher rates
  •  Nervous about bringing in an even more ideal client
  •  Acting like they are being their fully expansive self, but not integrating and embodying it in all places
  •  Feeling like they know they have this great impact to make - but yet something is keeping them feeling small and not taking action aligned to their big vision

Most of these women are not people who are just starting out - they have an offer, an ideal client, pricing, and CLIENTS!  
So, what's really going on...
We are always experiencing an upper spiral of development as a business owner, creator, leader, and visionary.  We may move through a challenge only to meet it again in a new way in the future. 
We can think there is something wrong, or feel like we are starting over, but the reality is that we are just working through a new layer of our development.  

The feelings of doubt, uncertainty, playing smaller than they desire are all normal and part of the restructuring in our system - acclimating to our next level of EXPANSION. 
One of my clients has created a very successful practice - when we started working together she was charging a very low hourly rate and eventually increased her rates substantially to a higher end offer and with a steady flow of clients.  Then, she went through a phase where she didn't have the same kind of flow happening - and she really wanted the flow.  You know what that's like, right?  I mean she REALLY WANTED the flow.  
So, when we looked at her system, we discovered she was holding a belief and an experience that more clients meant more overwhelm, more sickness, and more stress.  
So of course she wasn't bringing in more clients like she was before.  She had cleverly outwitted herself by creating a solution to the problem - it just wasn't the solution she actually wanted to be experiencing.  So instead, we created an upgrade in her system so she could experience ease and peace and have more clients.
AND without DOING a bunch of new things she created a handful of new clients all paying her in full! 
She shifted the INSIDE STORY - both in her beliefs and her energetic set-up so she could experience what she actually wanted. 
She had to be in a place where all the parts of her were on board with creating new clients - otherwise it felt like a system melt down. 
So, when you want to create more visibility in your business - of course you want to take the external actions so people know you are there and begin to develop a relationship with you.  However, if you haven't also aligned your INSIDE STORY to really wanting to BE SEEN people will not resonate with your message or take action in the same way.  

Do YOU feel like you are truly BEING SEEN in YOUR business? 

Do you WANT TO?

If you are not taking the actions and don't know how to move forward, that's one thing, but when you are taking the actions and you have created income in your business - even at great amounts - and then you don't, you know something is off.

Either way, whatever your situation or story is, the best way to increase the amount of flow in your business is to Expand Your Visibility (and really mean it).  
In order to change things up you have to be willing to do something different - and I mean pretty different. 
This doesn't have to mean "follow this 4 step system" that is totally not aligned to who you are or the essence of your business. 
What this means is that it's time to shift the INSIDE STORY so you can get back to taking the actions OR take the actions and REALLY want to experience a different result. 
Are you ready? 
I'm excited to offer this Expand Your Visibility - Activation Experience 
To Expand Your Visibility, we will work with the practical strategies & invisible influences to boost your visibility as a leader in your industry and increase your results.

We will spend 60-90 minutes together for this Visibility Activation Experience, and one 30 minute follow up call. 
There are 5 spots available for this Visibility Activation Experience working with me 1-1.  The investment for this experience is $350.
This is the ONLY way to work with me 1-1 at this low investment and it is a fraction of my standard rate.  And I'm very excited to share this unique experience and committed to help you bring your greatness out into the world in a bigger way! 
During this experience, we will work together to discover: 
-your current energetic visibility profile and what is possible
-what can be shifted now during our call
-what is your energetic block keeping you from your next level of visibility, expansion, and impact
-what your current amount of visibility is in your business, marketing, sales, and with your ideal clients or community
-how much of your unique greatness is visible in your business and marketing by your ideal clients
-the amount of money available to you in your current system
-how "big" is it safe for you to be and hold in your current energetic system
-how aligned you are currently to your current offerings
In addition, we will work with your energetic system and beliefs and do clearings and upgrades so you can boost your visibility in your business and in your presence.  
This is for you if you are ready to take your business to the next level - whether you are still in the start-up phase or you have already created a level of success and are ready to acclimate to the next level.   
If you book your Visibility Activation call with me in the next 24 hours you receive a $100 savings, receiving this experience for just $250 - and you will receive a 6-minute Daily Energy Practice you can listen to every day to continue to deepen into this experience. 
If you are ready to Expand Your Visibility and claim one of these Visibility Activation Experiences, Email me and we will follow up with the details to claim your spot! 
Here's to your Visibility Expansion!
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What if you set your standards even just a bit higher?

Allowing yourself to RECEIVE more.

What might happen, what might be possible then?

Where can you let yourself want more in relation to MONEY?

Join me for a free workshop - an EXPERIENCE - not another class.

This is where you create shifts in your money story, the energetics of your relationship with money in your system - so you can create and receive more!

(And if you are interested in working with me private to support you to shift your energetic system so you can create more in your business, relationships, and money, send me a PM to apply and see if this is the next step on your path!) 😘

The gifts of our children...

When you know your greatness and bring it into all the parts of your life it frees up space.

The time and energy that was used before fighting to go up stream, against your natural current, opens new possibilities.

As a parent I'm so curious to discover the gifts of my children and to watch as they reveal over time.

And to leverage tools to support me to have insights into their gifts so I can be witness to and appreciate it with them - instead of fighting against their natural current.

It feels so important to walk this path with my kiddos so they grow up KNOWING their gifts and accentuating them - instead of fitting in and suppressing their gifts - and discovering them when they are 40. 😉

Making this the norm - appreciating each individuals gifts starting as kids - is my big mission.

This has impacts everywhere - in parenting, in schools, in communication, in personal responsibility, in business!

Who's in?  Let's change the world!

How are you showing up with Money?

If you have been making money in your business in the past and something shifted, or you are setting yourself up for the next upgrade in your money experience - sometimes things aren't working like you want them to.   

This happens for people when they are moving through an UP LEVEL experience, where the things that worked before aren't working anymore - there is a new level of truth or authenticity being called for.

It also shows up for people when they are in a state of fear or panic - either because of something that happened, or because of a money story from the past that is resurfacing.

If you know HOW to do all the "things" to create more money in your business - but the money isn't flowing like you want it to, it's time to get curious.

Next week I am hosting a complimentary workshop on the Expansion Experience focused specifically on MONEY! 

Click here to register and receive call in details!

Finding your CENTER in the chaos...

As I sat down to my practice (a combo of yoga, meditation, energy work, writing) it was peaceful and calm.  The kids just went outside to play and I was taking a few moments during this moment to stay with my commitment to myself.  

We are on spring break this week and my experiment that I am deepening into is letting my work, my personal practice, and my relationships/parenting all happen interconnected - without separation.  

In the past I had a way of creating a separation for each of these things.  There was a time and even a space that made it be separate.  There wasn't exactly a schedule, but there was a time and space.  And if I didn't have that, then something wouldn't happen.  

It became this all or nothing experience in each moment - that worked, but now I am open to something different. 

So we are on one of our mini-adventures playing for a few days this week and I sat down to my practice.  

As I'm in the middle of my meditation my little one comes around and hangs out by me and things start to get a little busy - I hear noises - as I peek an eye open to see what's up, I see that he is playing with the foam exercise equipment near by.  He gets more and more creative and it gets more and more noisy.  Until one lands right on my foot.  

:) I opened my eyes again.   

I noticed what I was experiencing, and as I had been all day, I was feeling very present and peaceful.  

And then he went back to experimenting.

This daily practice is my way of feeling connected to my center even if things are literally going bump around me.  

It's the thing that allows me to connect into the words that want to be said, the way I want to be of service to my clients and community, the way I stay connected to what is true (for me). 

This feels like the piece that opens up so much more possibility to bring all the parts of me together to BE all the time, instead of keeping everything separate so I can "focus".  

Parenting - Business - Personal Practice - AS ONE... the experiment continues...<3 

How do you find your center? 

If you are interested in deepening into your relationships, business, and personal development - all flourishing from your GREATNESS and allowing it all to grow and EXPAND from there, send me a PM.  

I am currently inviting amazing world changing women into my next group, The Expansion Experience, so they can bring their greatness out into the world from their center, from their place of truth, and expand their presence, their impact, their income, and their experiences in every way! 

Shifting the energy...

There is a powerful difference between wanting something to happen and allowing it to happen NOW..jpg

As a powerful creator and entrepreneur, you likely hold very strong desires. What you want to create or experience in your business, with your clients, with your money, with all of the rest of your life, yes?

There is a way that the desire can be kept outside, as in off in the distant future. Even if it feels close, it is still away, not here now.

I love this practice to shift the energy...

So you have this desire, there is something you want to create or experience for yourself, yes?

First, get super clear on that.

Then, if you were to imagine where that is in relation to your body, where do you notice it?

I find that often it is outside of the body, in front or off to the side.

Invite it to come closer, to move toward your body, to find a home inside your body somewhere.

Notice what comes up for you as you invite it into your space, into your reality, into your present time.

Will it move into your present time, or are there things coming up for you to look at and work with first?

There is a powerful difference between wanting something to happen and allowing it to happen NOW.

P.S. If you are ready to bring your creation into the world in a way that shines from your greatness, I am currently inviting amazing world changing women into my upcoming group program - send me a PM if you are ready to create more expansion from your truth!

I don't want to be a leader...

I don't want to be a leader. 

Hang with me for a moment on this...

I will say first that I am a leader.  I am a leader of myself, for my family, for my business, for my vision. 

And I don't want to be a leader for you.  

I want for you to find your own answers, your own questions, and your own way. 

Here's the difference for me right now.  

I love being in my leadership energy - I can see more clearly how to move forward, how to serve my clients and community, where to receive instead of give...

And I am fiercely committed to you finding your own way.  Of course everyone who has created their definition of success can tell you "these are the steps I took to get here".  And, the flaw in that is what if you actually desire different things? 

Let's just say we all want 6 and 7 and 8 figure businesses - as we are all told to want.  :) 

And, that's all fine and probably very true.  But the way we want to do that is likely very different.  

I like taking my kids to school and picking them up, this is something I craved when I worked in corporate and I love this time with them - whether they had a great day, are feeling cranky, whatever it is.  This an important time for me to BE with them.  

So I will design my business accordingly. 

There are also all the different ways to create that successful business - retreats, consulting, services, products, online, offline...

There are really important nuances that need to be incorporated into your way of creating your desired success.  And only you KNOW that. 

So no matter what you are wanting to create, of course there are people who you can follow to be inspired, receive tips, and deepen your knowledge and skill set.  But the key is that no one will do it exactly the way you do, and that is exactly the way it should be!  

No more people just doing what someone else is doing - it lacks depth and truth.  A large infusion of YOU is critical. 

The way to do that is to create EXPANSION in who you are being in your business, in your life, in your presence, in your impact - and you do that by connecting with the part of you that knows.  

This does't come from your head, or your heart, or your gut - but in a way it comes from the thing that's even bigger than all the individual parts.  It comes from your knowing.  It never steers you wrong.  

I am excited to deepen in the experience of creating EXPANSION with a group of other powerful women who know they are here to do things their own way - even if they are still discovering what that way is.  If you are ready to create Expansion in your Presence, your Impact, your Gifts, your Abundance, send me a PM and let's connect.  

I am fiercely committed to you being an EXAMPLE, not just a leader.  <3 

A Big Goal for the New Year....

When someone gives you a bold goal as a mentor, boss, leader, or yourself without supporting your whole system - mindset, energetics, beliefs - to be on board it's actually doing more harm than good. 

This is the season for bold goals, intentions and planning. 

That bold goal may sound good to your mind AND at the same time it may send your system into stress or panic. 

It doesn't have to be hard or difficult to get everything on board and congruent, but without it being lined up is when the "self-sabotaging" behaviors begin. 

We may take the actions and yet somehow set things up to NOT reach the goal, because at some level there is more risk to create the new goal and experience than it is to stay the same. 

If you have a big goal for the new year and want to up level all the parts of you to be on board to realize it, send me a PM.

I am offering a couple opportunities to work with me 1-1, and a group course, both to support you to up level your beliefs and energetic system to support you in creating your next up leveled actions and goals. 

No excuses, just powerful creation!



Sitting in the in between...

Do you have a successful business? Successful in all the ways that you can check off on the imaginary boxes...  making money, satisfied clients, amazing results.  

AND, yet you have this feeling like this isn't quite IT?  There is something in you that knows that this is a piece of it, and the work you are here to do isn't just this.

But there is this fear, will people be ready for this?  Will you be ready for this? Will you be willing to live in that much truth - the kind that shakes the foundation of all that you know - because you know that it is on the other side of this current state of unknowing? 

There is this desire to KNOW.  To know what will come next, will it work, will it be successful.  

And there is no way to know.  Sure, you can create success, you've done that before.  But will this be successful in a soul satiating kind of way, in the way that you wake up each morning and it pulls you toward it - because you can't not do it? 

So what do you do?  

You have the money, the clients, this body of amazing work that you have created.  Do you walk away from it all?  Do you start over?  Do you blend it?  Does it all fit together? 

Trying to figure it out. 

Trying to figure it out...

Trying to figure it out! 

What is the answer?  Your brain so desperately wants to know the answer.  You have always had the answers when you wanted them before, so why is this so different?  

Now that you are on the edge of this deepest truth, this soul knowing, why do the answers elude you? 



Ask yourself, why do you NEED to KNOW right NOW? What if the answer was to come to you with ease and grace tomorrow?  What if it wasn't quite done percolating with all it's greatness for you just yet.  What if it is stepping into a new paradigm that you are still upgrading in order to meet it in all it's glory? 

What if you were to surrender to the unknown? 

"It's so scary!  I don't know.  What if I never know?"  Right?

Your brain so wants to "figure it all out", and THIS, this is the thing that doesn't need to be figured out.  This is the thing that wants to be delivered to you like the great gift that it is.  It wants to come into your hands, into your knowing, at precisely the time for you to take action on it and for YOU to bring it into the world.  

So in this space in between... what do you DO???

I could tell you to do nothing.  But that's not real.  

I could tell you to do everything.  But that won't serve you or this next iteration of your work.  

The real DOing right now comes in the UnDOing.  Where are you willing to unDO what you believe to be true, real, fact, reality?  Where are you willing to step into a space where anything is possible?  Where are you willing to release all the old story, illusion, belief, WAY OF BEING, that is keeping you exactly where you are right now? 

This is the WORK.  It is the work of BEING.  Being your true greatness.  Peeling back the layers that you have picked up along the way on your path.  The layers that have kept you safe, helped you survive in this world, in this way.  And now, something deeper is calling.  In order for you to receive, you have to be willing to do things different.  Be willing to BE different.  Not different than who you are, just different than who you have been trying to be. 

Under all the layers of story, expectation, survival, there is you.  Truth.   

Are you willing to do this "work"?  It is so worth it.   

This is where freedom lives.  This is where integration is experienced.  Not in the completion, but in the experience of being on the path.  

If you are called to do this work, and you want support in "seeing" what you can't yet see, in releasing the energy, stories, and beliefs that are keeping you from knowing what comes next, reply to this email and we will set up a time to connect.  

This is the work I do.  Yes, it is about business.  But this work is what leads to the "success" you really want to be experiencing in your business - and your life.  

Discover 12 Tools to Create Conscious Excellence in your Business & Life

I invite you to join me for a peek into some of the tools for Conscious Excellence that I practice and teach.  I'm hosting a complimentary call soon, click here to join the call and the conversation.  



What if it doesn't have to be separate?

Even though I work from my home, I have created tremendous flexibility for myself with my family and my work. I have created space for myself to play and travel during the summer (and for lots of self-care), and yet, I have still been living with separation.  

Separation between work and family.  Almost like they are competing priorities - both so important to me that doing one feels to be taking away from the other.  

And what I see now is that that was the construct that supported me to create things to this point and now I am ready for a new creation.  

Now I am ready to move even more deeply into this next level of integration.  

In my past, I (and therefore my kids as well) had a negative connotation with going to work.  When I was working my corporate job, the stress I held in my body to go do this work in this way that I wasn't aligned with was incredibly uncomfortable in my body.  I felt sad, guilty, and many other feelings because I was taking time away from my family - my top priority - to do something that wasn't "worth" what I was missing.  Of course there are many perspectives to that, since I was grateful that it funded the beginning of my business, allowed me to provide for my family, develop skills I still use, and help me to find my way - among many others. 

So, going to work = stress, bad, guilt.  Whoa.  That's not what I wanted to created for them (or for me).  

So now, I am integrating a new truth.  One where I LOVE my work, and my family is still my top priority - although both are very close.  ;) 

As the upgrade and integration take place, I can now create an environment where I can do my "work" in the same way that my daughter does art, or my oldest daughter does sports - the thing they LOVE.  

So we should all be able to create in that way TOGETHER.  We can all do the things we love in a space together.  I don't have to go "work", I can create while they create.  (Yet still desiring separate time for my clients, workshops, and classes.)

Integration is my theme right now, it is what is being called to be seen, to be witnessed, to be supported with my clients, everywhere.  And this is a new layer that is being revealed.  It feels upgraded, it feels true, and it feels complete.

Where is a desire for more INTEGRATION showing up for you in your business and life? Share with me in the comments, or send me a note.  

Be Inspired!  Take Action.