Effortless Success

Are you TOO BIG?


Isn't it time to stop playing the "I'll smash myself down to make it ok for you" game?

What if you leaned toward your bigness? 
What if you amplified your greatness? 
What if you activated your gifts even more?

Yep, some people might not be able to handle it, and some may not even be able to see you anymore.

And those who are meant to see you for who you are will be able to see you, hear you, connect with you in a way that feels so much lighter, simpler, and true.

It's exhausting holding it in.

And, it's not an invitation to let your Ego run wild all over everyone.

It is an invitation to shine brighter from the light in you, your truth, your essence, your greatness.

People who need you to be smaller so they can be ok are not in your highest and best good.

And you are not serving them in being their highest self by pretending to be something your not.

Sure, you're still working through your stuff.

And you probably always will be in some fashion, as that's the rapid path of expansion you are riding, right?

And THAT doesn't mean you have to "hold it in" until... some point not yet defined.

It's time to take up space NOW

It's time to amplify your light NOW

It's time to activate your greatness NOW

This isn't an intellectual process, it's an energetic upgrade.

This is one of the energetic patterns of (in)visibility that shows up for people here to create their great change in the world.

Do you want support on this path? Message me and let's take a look at what's available.
PM for details. It's time... ✨✨✨

Can you FEEL that?

Be Bold. (1).jpg

So I'm feeling into the word BOLD.

It feels different to me now. There's a difference.

There's the BOLD that comes from a sense of pushing, stretching, trying too hard, where ego is the main connection and driver.

Then there's the BOLD that feels available now that's more connected, it sits back from a place of knowing and doing, and still might feel edgy to the mind...

...But you can't NOT do it.

This is where Being Bold is who you are, how you are called and inspired to show up.

You don't have to TRY to do it.

It's actually the TRYING NOT TO DO IT is where you catch yourself - in this Boldness - taming it, quieting it, tucking it in.
Thats where this "work" takes place.

It's actually easier to BE BOLD in this way than it is to CONTAIN the boldness.

Can you FEEL that?

Can you CONNECT to that version of BOLD?

The one where your mind has to STEP OUT OF THE WAY - instead of TRYING to LEAD the way.

Yes, there. Let's play there for awhile.

Shifting the energy...

There is a powerful difference between wanting something to happen and allowing it to happen NOW..jpg

As a powerful creator and entrepreneur, you likely hold very strong desires. What you want to create or experience in your business, with your clients, with your money, with all of the rest of your life, yes?

There is a way that the desire can be kept outside, as in off in the distant future. Even if it feels close, it is still away, not here now.

I love this practice to shift the energy...

So you have this desire, there is something you want to create or experience for yourself, yes?

First, get super clear on that.

Then, if you were to imagine where that is in relation to your body, where do you notice it?

I find that often it is outside of the body, in front or off to the side.

Invite it to come closer, to move toward your body, to find a home inside your body somewhere.

Notice what comes up for you as you invite it into your space, into your reality, into your present time.

Will it move into your present time, or are there things coming up for you to look at and work with first?

There is a powerful difference between wanting something to happen and allowing it to happen NOW.

P.S. If you are ready to bring your creation into the world in a way that shines from your greatness, I am currently inviting amazing world changing women into my upcoming group program - send me a PM if you are ready to create more expansion from your truth!

The TRUTH behind bringing your great work into the world…

Do you know you have this inner greatness inside you?

If only everyone could see what you KNOW to be there inside you from a place of truth, (and you could keep the rest of you believing it to), then you would be able to create even greater change in the world, make an even bigger impact?

There is a lot of energy around bringing your great work into the world.  And if you feel into that, there is a longing, a deep knowing, a truth inside that tells you that there is something great to bring out. 

Yet, often there are things keeping that big change energy from coming out into the world – like fear, old patterns, people around you, your current work, scarcity beliefs…

The reality is you KNOW deep in your soul that you are here to create some kind of impactful change in the world – even if the words to describe it or claim it sometimes choose to lay low.

So here is the key to bringing your work out into the world in a way that matches the knowing you hold for yourself –

In order for you to bring your greatness into the world you need to see it, acknowledge it, love it, and claim it in yourself. 

So of course there is the KNOWING that lets you know it’s there.  And, what does your mind think about that?

Sometimes it’s totally on board, right? 

And other times… not so much?

And it’s not just your mind.  It’s all these beautiful layers of protection that have been developed and fostered to keep you safe. 

Safe from what? 

Well, in a big way, safe from yourself. 

If you are to be so bold, to claim your greatness, to own your gifts, to take action to create this change – then what might happen?

Again, there may be two answers – one is truth and one is fear.  And we have to be careful as sometimes one side even wants to hide behind some new belief statement, affirmation, or positive thought. 

And, that’s all fine.

The point is not to understand and justify and build a case for why it is here, the point is to bring all the parts of you – your whole system – on board with what you actually want to create (rooted in truth).

So while it seems like it should be so easy to just see, acknowledge, love, and claim your greatness or desire for change in yourself, often we just can’t see it ourselves.

It’s not a bunch of affirmation statements or post-it notes with the upgraded belief, it is actually creating it to be true in your whole system. 

These things can be intertwined into all the parts of us, into all the ways we show up, the ways we choose to interact with our business, with our relationships, with our self. 

And, the reality is you can absolutely do this.  

You can:

  •      Be more visible
  •     Speak your truth
  •     Be aligned with your gifts
  •     Experience abundance
  •     Stand in your personal power
  •     Connect to your intuition and create from there
  •     Receive divine guidance
  •     Create your great change in the world

You can be the creator of your experience. 

And everything you do is either reinforcing your current experience or upgrading your system. 

You have likely been seeking this experience but perhaps it was disguised in the great ambition you hold for your business.  And what a beautiful and brilliant place to keep that hidden.  

And such a powerful way to begin to truly create the change you want to experience when you step into this new way of being. 

See the shift in your business, in your relationships, in your parenting, in your health, in yourself. 

Trust me, it’s everywhere. 

Take the step to create the shift so you can SEE it and know it – and so everyone else can easily see it to.  That’s when your big vision starts to take on a life of it’s own and you are the powerful creator of what you truly desire in your business (and of course, everywhere else).

Are you ready to Activate Your Expansion? 

Send me a note and I can share more details with you about how you can Activate Your Expansion with me and a group of powerful, successful, creators.  This is the place where we work the unseen influences that are impacting you so you can see the practical reality show up in your business (and life) – and receive the support from the circle of women walking their path along side you. 

Connect with me HERE to Activate Your Expansion, this is an activation to support you to claim your next level of greatness on every level so you can begin to experience the next level of impact you create all around you.

Sending love,




A new way to Get it Done...

What if you moved into the silence-.jpg

Over the last few weeks I have been finding the way through all the "get it done", "make it happen", "pushing" messages and strategies being shared everywhere. 

I am a "get it done" person, that's always been my gig. And it's part of what helped me create success in corporate and climb that ladder. 

And now for the last many years I have been finding my way to a new way of creating. A way that feels more inspired and less pushed and forced. 

Over the last many months that has even had me swing back to the other side of the spectrum feeling as if I am doing nothing. 

Doing more nothing than I have ever done before. 

Which brought up all sorts of things around my value and worth. I mean if I'm not getting shit done and contributing then I am nothing - or at least that is what it felt like. 

And even through the experience of nothing, my business continued on. New clients came to me. Existing clients continued working with me. My message and what I stand for deepened and evolved. 

So this NOTHING was really quite something. 

And now as I'm feeling the desire to come back toward center, to the in between nothing and everything, I see so many messages encouraging us to make it happen, get it done, etc. 

And I wonder... what is actually true? 

People who are pushing this push message certainly can have and create success, but what I discovered in my experience of doing "nothing" is that there is a way that doing SOMETHING is still a way of distracting us from something deeper. 

What if you moved into the silence? 
What if you experienced the stillness? 
What if you could trust that all you are here to create would still find its way from your soul into reality - as opposed to from your mind onto a to do list? 

So this is an invitation into a bigger conversation, what really wants to be done through you? What wants to be created from you, instead of what can you create? 

Because of course you CAN create lots of things, and there is a certain satisfaction in the DOING. 

But doing from thinking just adds more clutter and falseness to our experience, leading to stress, lack of depth, and a surface level creation rooted in a deep layer of longing - longing for something more. More meaningful, more true, more YOU. 

Doing from BEING... try that on - in the stillness, in the silence. 

That's where the truth lies. 
That's where your true creative genius lies. 
That's where your greatness shines. 

I'm opening space for a small group of inspiring women who are here to experience more CONSCIOUS EXCELLENCE in their whole experience, creating the next UP LEVEL in your business, your life, and your self. 

Send me a PM and let's see if this is the right fit for you to experience a more depth-filled success in your biz - and everywhere else.



Taking action from a place of truth...

What is deep down under your desires?  Perhaps there is a part of you that wants to create success, but under that is the desire to feel appreciated, loved, and acknowledged.  What would shift for you if you didn’t need to do your work in a way to accomplish a deeper need?  The attachment that keeps you taking certain actions could slip away and you could take actions from a place of truth. 

What’s the difference between taking an action with an attachment to the outcome and taking the very same action without attachment to the outcome? 

This feels like a bad joke, but the answer is the results. 

When you peel away the needs to be seen, heard, acknowledged, appreciated [insert core feelings here]… what would you do?  Would you still do THIS work?  Would it look different?

There’s that expression, something about doing something that you would still want to do – even if you weren’t getting paid for it. 

That.  Except for instead of it just being about getting paid, what if we included all the other deep needs for love, safety, and belonging into that? 

What would you do?  It’s a tricky question even to answer, as those beliefs about what you “need” are so wrapped up into everything we see, hear, and feel, that it’s tough to separate it out and get a clean read. 

My sense is that we would take actions – possibly even the same actions – but we would be doing it with a different intention.  We would be doing it because. [Period] We wouldn’t be doing it because we want to create a new client, generate money, find love, have our children work with us [insert desired outcome here]…

What do you really feel compelled to do just because.  Because it’s who you are, because you can’t not do it, because it’s what you are here to bring to the world.

I’m playing in this space myself and continuing to peek under the belief covers and seeing more and more glimmers of truth.  

P.S.  And I thought I had done this, as in “been there, done this”.   But even that was just another layer with more beliefs and more attachments.  And where I am now is even another layer with more beliefs and more attachments. And what I am seeing is that with each layer I get curious with – or feel tied up in knots with (no biggie) –  it’s another step closer to living and speaking my truth so I can lead my change.



Are you ready? 3 keys for conscious, creative entrepreneurs...

You want to grow, right? I know you are down with the personal development growth path.  And I'm guessing you are on that same path for growing your business.  You likely have this big vision, and a desire to make a big impact in the world, and YOU ARE READY.

AND, something isn't quite clicking...

Maybe it's that the things you were doing aren't working anymore.  Or maybe you feel like you have to work so dang hard to keep it going.  

Here's what I have discovered in working with women entrepreneurs and in my own personal development path.  

Want to grow?  These are the 3 keys to create the flow in your business (for conscious, creative entrepreneurs).

1.  Stand in your personal power and know your greatness!  

Maybe you don't know what your GREATNESS it is yet, or maybe you don't know how to fully express it in your business.  But when you do, that's when your tribe will start to take notice.

2.  Don't force your niche, stop overthinking it!  (And yes, I'm talking to you whether you are newer in your business, or upleveling your niche.)

Over thinking the niche often has people missing the intersection of their greatness and that unique life experience that can really make a huge impact on people in your own way.  It's often so simple and obvious that we just don't see it OR we believe everyone thinks like that/sees that/knows that.  

3.  You must be in alignment in every area of your business in order to be in the abundance flow.  

For conscious entrepreneurs, being in alignment is the key to creating abundance.  This is in your overall business, your financial intentions, your marketing, sales, clients, support team - EVERYTHING!

If something isn't flowing in your business, look at these 3 pieces first.  Even if you have done it before, it's time to revisit it.  As you continue to grow, your business will also continue to evolve.  

I'm super excited about supporting you to create alignment in your business so you can create sales and make your impact. What type of service or support would be in the highest service for you?

A. Discovering your greatness and leveraging it in your business

B. Business Energy Alignment reading so you know exactly what needs upgrading

C. Heal your money so you can handle the money objection

I would love to hear from you!  Reply to this email for our super simple survey, with an A, B, or C (or more than one).  

Thanks for your input as I'm deciding what comes first!

Be Inspired! Take Action.




Why You'll NEVER Be Done With Working On Your Niche...

Do you have that feeling that when you just finally figure out your niche, then you'll be done with that exercise and you can move on to DOING the work you really want to do instead of planning for the work you want to do? 

I hear this often:  "When I figure out my niche, then I can... [fill in the blank - "start my business", "take the next important action", "talk to people"...]

Then I will:

  • Interview my ideal clients

  • Invite them to conversations

  • Develop my programs

  • Write copy for my website

  • Build my email list

  • And 1 MILLION other things that can come on the TO DO list AFTER I figure out my niche.

I offer this to you: You will never be done.  Yep, never.  

And that's ok.  

If you are in the service business as an expert, coach, consultant, healer, or therapist, your work is really a reflection of you.  Your business is a reflection of you.  As you continue to evolve and grow,  your business will also continue to evolve and grow.  

So you will never be DONE.  

It's not about being done or perfect, it's only about being complete in this moment.  You can put it out there, test it out, start doing the work.  Only then will you know if it's working, if it's the right reflection of your work, and the right words to engage the dream clients you want to work with.  

When we release the need to be done, and we can see that this is an ongoing process, that is where the freedom can come in.  That is where we free ourselves to try stuff out, make some mistakes, keep tweaking, keep evolving.  

There is no need to wait.  Stop waiting!

Start putting your work out there.  Whether it's the first time you are putting your work out there, or you're ready to take things to the next level by revealing a whole new level of truth in your work, put it out there.  Being in conversation is the best way to see and hear how it's landing and if it's attracting the type of people you really want to work with.  

Whether you are starting out, or moving to the next level of your business, or introducing a new product or service, you'll always start with WHO YOU ARE and WHO YOU SERVE (your niche).  This is the foundation for all great products and services. 

This will never stop.  

Plan to continue to revisit your niche over and over again throughout your business.  Perhaps with this knowing you can move past the perfection freeze and back into action.  Ready?  Go!





What is your Super Power?

Let's ask it like this instead, what are your super powers?  I really believe that we have more than one.  

There are actually a few questions within that:

  • What is it? 
  • Are you willing to own your power?
  • Do you let yourself use it to your advantage, or are you still hiding it away? 

Here's what I am seeing in the extraordinary women entrepreneurs I am speaking with each day.  We are each AMAZING.  That is a fact.  AND we are not seeing how amazing we are, or how that shows up in our business. 

(And when we do see it, that's when the magic happens.)

The reality of it is that some of us feel we have a gift to bring to the world in a big way with a big impact.  Others have their gifts to bring to the world in ways that hit closer to home.  And for others it's both.  

In order for the impact to be created, we have to know our greatness, how that shows up in our work or impact in the world, and we have to own it and stand fully in that truth.  

Here's what's happening instead...

Perhaps you are following an intellectualized process, creating in your head, following a system and it isn't working, nothing is happening, or you feel like you are working so hard for an inconsistent result.   

Perhaps you created an amazing program or offering, and then no one bought it.

Perhaps you are stuck in the grandness of your vision, and feel stuck with what to do next.

Do you really know what your greatness is?  

I am seeing in myself that there is a new depth and richness to my superpowers.  I am owing them in a new way, and feeling very confident about them.  I have been doing a lot of business consultations lately, and we have done amazing work to get clarity around what the big vision is and where they are feeling stuck.  Then we do the work to create clarity.  

What I am seeing in myself is something I knew was there, but now with this new deeper knowing and confidence that I create magic with people in their business.  That's quite a statement to make, and one I could shy away from.  But I won't.  <wink>

I see things in people that they don't see, I see their greatness.  I hear between the lines.  I see how the dots connect.  I see how all of the parts of them show up in their work.  I see how your "story" is hiding some of your magic from coming out to play.  

It's a combination of seeing, hearing, and a deep knowing that brings us to this clarity.

What I know about myself is that I have intuitive super powers - I'm not sure what to call them exactly just yet.  And I combine that with business and coaching.  And now I am not afraid of that, I am owning it, and whoa - the magic that happens in that space is profound.  

Stand proudly in what you know to be true...

I say all of this to stand proudly in what I know now to be true.  And more importantly to reflect the process of revealing the gifts, the greatness, and the magic.  We each have it.  Do you see yours?  

Be Inspired!  Take Action.




I can see it, do you?

crystal ball1.jpg

Do you see your possibility, your potential, your GREATNESS?  

Many of the AMAZING women I speak with have a vision for their business, but what is more true is that they have a BIG VISION for the work they are here to bring into the world.  Even if they don't know exactly what that looks like - they have a sense, a deep knowing, a trust in this purpose.  

But something is keeping them from moving it forward.  

Sometimes it is FEAR - fear of knowing that this is the purpose and the possibility of not being able to realize it.  

Sometimes it is playing SMALL, not even seeing the ease in which the big vision can be created.

Sometimes it is UNCERTAINTY - not sure of what it looks like, or how or to create it...

Sometimes it is DOUBT - can I do it, who am I to do this, what if I can't...

And most likely it is not knowing how to create the big vision from where they stand today.  It feels SO big.  So big that they stop, there is no forward movement, no inspired action.  

I see it. I can see your greatness AND your possibility.  And I can see where you are holding yourself back from standing in your truth.  

It's time for your big mission to become a reality and to bring your gifts to their maximum impact.   

It's time to Create a Consistent Business AND Live Your Truth, join me for this free class, the world is waiting for your gifts.

Click Here: http://clients.realresultsmentoring.com/yourdifferenceisyourpower


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When you SHOULD listen to the "SHOULD'S"

You have probably heard the expression stop 'shoulding' all over yourself. :)  Yep, I love that one too.  I agree that living by the shoulds is not a healthy process. But there is an important distinction to consider.

When there is a part of you telling you to do something for your good, for your better self, and you know it isn't an external expectation but something true and inside, this is a should you should listen to.

Make calls even though you don't want to...
Talk to people even though you don't feel comfortable...
Try a new approach even though it's scary....
Be in action even if you don't know it will work...

This is where the difference between the trust and fear show up.  How closely are you listening?  Are you willing to make that distinction?  

It can be really easy to just say it doesn't feel in flow or in alignment, but that's taking the easy way out.  

What do you really want to create?  How committed are you?  

This is a new insight I am stepping fully into.  It is the difference between taking inspired action and taking purposeful inspired action.  One is doing it because it calls to you, feels like the next step, it pulls you forward.  I am a big fan of inspired action, it is a big part of how I moved more into flow and ease in my business. 

But there has always been this little edge to this that I couldn't make sense of.  What about the things that I should be doing for my business to be consistent?  Sending my weekly email communications, having calls with potential new clients, scheduling those calls... there are certain things that need to take place in order to have a successful, consistent business.  

So how do you stay in inspired action and still take care of business? 

You listen to the should's.  But here's the thing.  You only listen to the internal should's. - the ones that come from you, your truth, your knowing  There is nothing external about it.  This is not sending the newsletter because your coach or mentor tell you it's good business.  It's sending the newsletter because it's a commitment you made to yourself and your community.  

So when you make a commitment to yourself, your clients, your community, anyone, there is a way to follow through with inspired action and still follow through.  

It could mean only doing it when it felt inspired.  But it's not.  Now it's about creating a process for yourself so you can get inspired whenever you want.  And then take the action from that space of inspiration.  

What is your process for getting inspired? 

I like a walk and a mediation.  There is also a pretty substantial daily practice that I use that holds me in a very connected, inspired place, that allows me to call on that creative flow most whenever I need it.  I didn't realize how important it was until I had this conversation with a client, this distinction between inspired action and purposeful inspired action became crystal clear - it was something I was taking for granted, but it is so important.  

Be Inspired!  Take Action.


If you are ready to Create a Consistent Business AND Live Your Truth, join me for this free class, by signing up below. The world is waiting for your gifts.

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Are you Different?

Do you feel like you are different from everyone else? BUT you still are trying to fit in, trying to be like everyone else, trying to belong? 

Where else is this showing up for you?  

Here's the thing, you are different.  

Be different.  Let it be ok that you're different. What if you didn't need to fit in, but you still get to belong?  What if the very thing that makes you different is the exact thing that makes YOUR people, your tribe, want to belong with you.  

So instead of trying to cover up what makes you different, let's go crazy in the opposite direction.  Let all your DIFFERENT out.  Big!  What are all the things that are different about you? 

This is what I used to shy away from: 

  • I love business stuff - totally geek out on case studies, stories of successes and failures 
  • Won't. Stop. Learning. 
  • I'm super into the woo-woo stuff
  • I'm analytical and creative
  • I like spreadsheets, money, and feel magical when I create
  • I've studied energy work and love it
  • I use Oracle cards and a pendulum
  • I do Akashic Record readings and healings
  • I'm super practical
  • I am highly driven
  • I am 100% committed to my vision - even when it isn't crystal clear to me
  • I am a personal growth geek - that's what I do for fun - learn more
  • I believe we are here to continue to evolve and grow

Some of these things might not be different to you - since after all, you are here in this community, maybe you share some of these differences.  And some of these things might not seem different to you at all, but to me they were.  In my life, my quest to belong has served me greatly.  And now it doesn't.  

As I continue to move further down the path of living and speaking my truth, I know that without calling out what makes me different I am actually hiding some of the most important things that help people to connect with me, my message and my big work I want to create in the world.  And ultimately keeps them from creating what they really want in their business and their life. 

And the same is for you.  

So what's your list, where are you different? 

Share your differences in the comments below.  It's time to own it, and time to celebrate.  Because in the end, our differences are what make us unique and that's where are special magic lives.  

And, join me for my next complimentary, live class where we dig into Your Difference is Your Power, so you can create consistent clients with a sales and marketing system that's different - like YOU! 

If you are ready to Create a Consistent Business AND Live Your Truth, join me for this free class, by signing up below. The world is waiting for your gifts.



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Appreciating what's different...

For a long time I tried to fit in. I tried to be like everyone else. So much so that I completely lost sight of who I really am, yet again a master of getting along with everyone.

Now, I know I am different. And that's a great thing. Now, I know everyone is different and that's what makes us all great. Every time we try to fit in or be like everyone else we are watering down our own greatness. 

This past week, I attended the new family orientation at my children's school and I felt excited to get to know all these different families. We go to a Waldorf school and in the past I let myself feel smaller. Feeling I wasn't "Waldorf" enough. I don't knit for fun - just with my kiddos at their request. I don't bake my own bread or hand make their toys (although I have tried during my "be like others phases").  I tried those qualities on and I now know that those are not my areas of greatness.

I am great in business, at finding truth, and at not going along with things for the sake of a rule or a system. So now I am coming to this new school and community owning my greatness and seeing where it will beautifully add to the collective greatness of every other individual. And this feels good.

How are you different?  What if you stopped trying to fit in? (What is your unique greatness underneath that?)The truth is that you don't have to try to fit in. 

What's really important is to be the most YOU that you can in every moment - flaws, differences, greatness, and all! 

This is the same thing that I teach to and develop with my clients. We can learn other systems, tools and structures - but in the end we have to use our discernment for what is truly right and be in alignment with our truth and unique greatness to know the right path for each of us. 

The more connected you are to your knowing the easier it is to have this happen effortlessly and with curiosity instead of struggle and pain. 

How connected are you? On a scale of 1-10? What do you want it to be? What gets to change for you when things feel effortless instead of like a struggle? 

I'm excited about something I am creating to help people shift the real things keeping them from bringing in clients. It's so good! Stay tuned.And first, let's get connected to your truth and your unique expression of success, join me at the Inspired Action Virtual Workshop. 

Click here to join us!   https://realresultsmentoring.leadpages.co/end-of-year-planning-session/



I hate this...

I hate this…

And I don't hate much of anything. But what I do hate is to see women beating themselves up in their life for the success of their business based on other people's perceptions, expectations, or realities. 

There's such a story being told that it's easy to create a business. And when people don't instantly know their niche, instantly know the programs they want to offer or instantly bring in many clients in 30 days or less, they start to beat themselves up. 

Are you beating yourself up for not meeting up to someone else's standards?

The reality is that each person is on their own path. And each person's path is going to be as long or short as it needs to be. Of course there are things we can do to move that along, like getting support from a coach, a business mentor, spiritual counselor, or many other things. But even that is part of your path if that's what's calling to you. 

I have had maybe five different niches over my time creating my business. I didn't know instantaneously which was the one that was right for me. I had to move through a process of coming out of my head and overthinking, which was my pattern. I moved into a space of trusting my knowing. For me that was longer than what that might be for someone else. And maybe it's shorter than it might be for another person. 

The more you you measure yourself according to other people's public stories (or anyone else's stories AT ALL), the more you're in resistance to your own.  As soon as you release the expectations and the standards and the stories, you can lean into your own truth. 

There's risk in starting a business. It's not a guarantee that it's going to be successful.  But it's so important to ask yourself, what are you believing about creating a business?  For me, it was not an option to NOT start my business or have it succeed. That doesn't mean that I didn't go through a ton of stuff emotionally with my beliefs, but I don't regret one step. 

I chose to follow other people's programs and steps so that I can test out the approach and prove to myself that I can earn money helping people doing work that I loved. And once I did that and showed it to myself that it was possible it created a freedom for me to dig deep, get rid of a bunch of my shit, and figure out what my real purpose is. 

It's just like what they say with rock stars who become overnight successes. There's no such thing as an overnight success. Nobody knew about the years or decades that they practiced and worked under the radar when nobody knew who they were or what they were doing. But they stayed committed until it happened. 

So my question to you is how bad do you want this? How committed are you to creating your version of success? 

Your version of success could look like working 10 hours a week when your kids are in school or while they are napping and making $3-$5000 a month. It could look like working 25 hours a week and making $10,000 to $20-$30,000 a month. It could be an online business or an off-line business. You could want to be a speaker or write a book. Maybe you only want to work with private clients one on one. 

When you move into your truth - that is when you are in flow - that is when you are aligned. And when that happens that's when things get to be more effortless. 

You have to be committed.  And you have to be aligned.  There's no blueprints or process that is going to identify for you your exact model without trying some things out. What created success for others was great for them, now you have to try some stuff out and see what is aligned for you. 

And here's the kicker, it changes over time. Because you're always evolving, your business is always evolving. And as that happens you get to change things. So what you decide today does not have to be what you keep forever. 

The most important thing is that you're taking action from a place of inspiration. And inspiration comes from being in alignment with your truth. 

If this is bringing up a bunch of your stuff, hit reply and let me know what's going on.  I hold the belief that we are all here to create our unique version of success. 

And if you would like support while you move through your experience reach out. I'm not going to put you in a box and tell you I have the exact way for you to do ANYTHING. I'm here to help you peel back your layers to see clearly who you are and what your path is.  

And, I am a life long learner, I can't get enough.  I've tried a lot and studied many different things - and if I can help you it would be my honor, and my pleasure. 



I changed my mind...

Before the summer began I created the possibility to structure my work and my client schedule in a way that would allow me to spend the summer with my kids.  This was exactly what I wanted.  In fact, it has been the very thing I wanted for years - 11 to be precise.  I have always wanted to have the relaxing, playful summer with my kids - instead of being at a job or working in my business.  And this year it was happening.  

And it was amazing.  I have been able to be there with them, play with them, comfort them, play LOTS of games, and more.  

AND I started having a lot of questions come up about my work.  

I was losing the passion that I had held for so long.  The passion that would compel me to work early in the morning or late at night - to get things done.  This summer I had this overwhelming desire to just BE with my family.  So I did that.  

I started to make meaning about this change for me.  I thought it meant that I was evolving in my work, that something was off, or a host of other things.  But what I just realized in the last week, is that now I want something different.  I changed my mind.  

I am absolutely grateful for this time and all the experiences that have taken place over the summer.  

AND, I also realized that my work is a big part of who I am.  I designed it that way - to be an amazing extension of myself.  My personal growth, the things I love to immerse myself in, the things I can't stop learning about, all of that goes into my business.  And when I took this time away from that part of my business I was putting away a part of myself.  So I realized that this desire for the endless summer of fun with my kids is not what I want right now - not completely to the exclusion of the other part of me.  

Maybe it's because summer is coming to an end and this is the natural progression of things.  But what I have realized is that it is healthy for me to create more time for me to do my work.  I want to have time to focus and immerse myself in this part of me AND have time with my kids.  So what I want now is a different kind of balance than what I wanted at the beginning of the summer.  And that's OK.  

I have heard from many of my amazing clients - women entrepreneurs who have kids - about this same thing, it is a running theme right now.  We have one set of plans or a vision for the summer, and then it doesn't go exactly that way.  Or it does go that way, but now it's time for something different.  

What I have witnessed is women moving into feelings of not meeting their own expectations.  When the reality may be that they simply created a new desire for themselves and allowed themselves to be with that fully.  And now, the brain is kicking in with the old pattern of not checking everything off the big to-do list - and that means we are bad or not worthy or... 

So, I invite you to let it be OK that you may have changed what you want.  It doesn't have to mean anything about you or your great work or who you are as a parent.  It just means you decided to make something else a priority.  

Now, if things are shifting again, this can be a time to come back to what you want now - it doesn't have to be the same.  As long as we are being true (and not hiding out, or getting stuck in our old patterns that keep us stuck or small), then we get to create the true path for us now in this moment and take inspired action from here.  

Leave the past behind you and move forward from this desire right now.  

I feel inspired to support you in getting clear about what you want for your business in the last few months of the year so you can create a clear vision and inspired actions so you can be aligned and create what you really want.  

If you would like to join me, just click here to sign up.  I am hosting a virtual interactive planning session where I will walk you through some exercises and offer support to help you create this clarity and a crystal clear action plan.  

This is an interactive workshop where you will walk away with clarity and the actions that are right for you to create your vision.  

Click here to register:   https://realresultsmentoring.leadpages.co/end-of-year-planning-session/ 

Here's to your definition of success - as ever changing as that may be.  

Be Inspired!  Take Action. 

Sending you love -




This Week's Blog: 5 Surprising Steps to Infuse MORE in Your Business

Have you ever had those days where you just aren't that into what you are doing?  Maybe things feel kind of plain jane, a little boring, not lighting you up from the inside?  

It is so common for people to push through and make themselves do it.  And the result is that the action is done from a place of push instead of flow.  And that can turn off the success of the action right there.  

My theme for this summer is all about play, fun, and connection. So as I am focusing on my work, it is also about play, fun, and connection. And I'm making some changes to things that were not feeling that way for me. And making some new choices about how I can commit to things that I do want in a more playful way. Empowered action definitely is a game changer. 

What could you do that would be more playful in your work? How would that feel?  

Playful sales conversations? A sales strategy that incorporates a sense of play and fun? Yes!

What can you bring to your work in a way that is playful? 


5 Surprising Steps to Infuse MORE in Your Business

1.  Connect with what you WANT to do

Not the thing you have to do, or should do, or need to do.  But if you could choose anything (cause you can) what is the one thing you really want to do? 

2.  Have some fun outside of your work

How you do one thing is how you do everything!  Where are you wanting to have more play or fun in other areas of your life?  With your partner, your kids, your free time, your workouts, your food?  Pick one area and make a decision to infuse more fun!

3.  Take a PLAY break

So maybe you are rolling through your to do list and it's time to take a PLAY break.  When you take small breaks throughout your work time, you are more productive during the time you are getting things done.  Dance party with the kiddos, jump rope, go for a walk or a bike ride...

4.  Set an intention for FUN

What are you deciding about your work?  Can you decide that today, in this moment it can be fun?  Setting intentions is so powerful and can shift things up.  So check in with your mindset and what you are believing about the work you are doing, and how you "should" be approaching work.

5.  Get clear on the outcome

When you have more fun in your work what is possible?  What gets to happen when you bring more playfulness to your work, to your clients, to your approach?  When you get clear on the outcome, you may start to see that you can't afford not



you get sh*t done. now what? (Guest Blog with Liyana Silver)

Introducing our Guest Blogger Series! 
There are so many women out there with a wealth of knowledge to share and I am so appreciative to all of them! I would like to begin the process of sharing the wisdom of amazing women - so I begin with a woman who has an amazing talent of saying things just how they are. 

My first guest blogger is Liyana Silver, a coach, teacher, speaker and author; dedicated to helping entrepreneurial-minded women find the full expression of their feminine strength, inside and out of the office. She was one of the first women I interviewed on The Inspired Woman Project and I consider her a cherished colleague and friend. I hope you Enjoy!

you get sh*t done. now what?

I'm going to guess you (like me) love your productivity muscles.  checking things off my to-do lists is still kind of a turn-on.

maybe you started a business from scratch that's now rockin' and rollin'.  have mastered how to do it yourself (because would it get done at all if left to someone else?).  know how to invest in a business development program that promises a 10x return on your money.  how to measure success by how many new clients came, how high your rates raised, how much your income increased.

maybe you have have nice stretches of time where you feel like superwoman or supermom, juggling in your eight arms your grocery list, green juice, gym shoes and cute new panties.

i'm going to guess you (like me) for the most part (hey, we all have our mucky days) got the go-out-and-get-shit done thing DOWN.

i spent most of my life bowing to the god of productivity.

on the light side, i loved the rush of deleting line items.  success seems easy to measure with check-boxes checked and bottom lines met.

on the dark side, however

:: i figured: once you work really hard, once you get enough done, then you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

:: i assumed: the amount you struggle and sweat is commensurate to your success.

then, it was pointed out to me that you don't get "success" NOW by working hard now to earn it later.  

if you don't know how to feel successful, or happy, or joyful NOW, you'll never feel it LATER, because all we ever have is a series of RIGHT NOWs. 

put off success for later and it never comes. put off pleasure and satisfaction for later and it never comes.

i could get a whole lot done, but it never came for me.


:: i bow to the fact that you can get some major stuff done, Woman.

:: but when you look up and look around and ask, "now what?" that's when it gets really interesting.

what about:

:: your core desires?

:: feeling, in your bones right now, a joyful jolt of 'this is my life!'?

:: being willing to let things COME TO YOU, and to LET THEM IN when they come?

:: being able to savor RIGHT NOW, to open the aperture of your senses and let life flood in, filling your being with sensual pleasure?

:: feeling silky in your skin?

:: balancing out your get-it-done "masculine" power with your magnetize-it-to-you "feminine" power?

:: feeling your heart sheer open from the tenderness between you and your beloved?

:: yodeling one of your most delish desires from the rooftop of your heart, only to watch it show up, resplendent, the very next week in your life?

:: measuring your success ALSO by how much pleasure and love you experience in your day?

yes, you get shit done. but, now what?

today i got this email from a phenomenal, powerful woman who just joined my new mentorship program.

(it's a program all about the "now what". it's all about helping women source her inner guidance, let loose her desires and channel her embodied genius into her living and loving. it's a beaut. i'm a proud mama. stay tuned; i'll be unveiling it soon.)

"so looking forward to it … and it's been amazing to see myself go through bouts of talking myself out of even doing it. i would not even hesitate to spend this money on business development. but on embodiment/more intimacy…? the choice has not been so easy. goes to show you what I currently value and am putting my attention on. I am looking forward to stepping into the deeply connected ME … thank you in advance for stepping up to provide this experience for me to re-pattern my beliefs and heal my feminine desires."

it can be a strange thing to invest in your desires. fund your feminine power. put your money where your intimacy is. it can be odd to value your pleasure … delight … deep satisfaction … embodied expression … and union with life itself … like you would a marketing course.

we as a culture overlook these things entirely. mistrust them. dismiss them. they live in the realm of INCALCULABLE and PRICELESS.

they also just happen to be what fuels the engine of Woman.

and a well-fueled Woman in turn fills life with meaning.

line item delight?
bottom line pleasure?
ROI full expression?

it takes COURAGE to value this stuff. it takes MOXIE to invest your time, creativity, money and energy into them. it takes a LEAP OF FAITH to call your desires important enough to prioritize.

whenever you invest in fueling your Woman's engine, there likely will be some calculable tangibles like new clients that feel dreamy to work with. a raise. clarity on a new program that fills with more ease.  more money and business growth.  all of which is always good.

but, the bigger returns are hard to put a price on.  i wish they were more valued.  but for now, it's up to us to value them first.

there's a line from the movie, Dead Poet's Society, in which Robin Williams' character implores his students to awaken their hearts and their desires, which i'll paraphrase:

"engineering, accounting, doctoring, lawyering, coaching, entrepreneuring; these are all noble pursuits and necessary to maintain life.

but love.  intimacy.  desires.  art.  poetry.  sex.  joy.  pleasure.  creative expression: these are what we stay alive FOR."

so, your mission, should you choose to accept it:

i call this a Somatization.  it's like a visualization, but run through the genius of your body, your "soma."

:: hint: this is a good one to help balance your "masculine" power with your "feminine" power.  it will help you let things also come to you and also let them in when they come.

1. pick a Desire.

this Desire can be a big or small deal – like your right-fit partner or a red mini skirt; to make partner or to do a triathalon.

(for our purposes, let's go with your right-fitting partner.)

2. what do you FEEL like when you are with (or have) this Desire?  (yes, even if he/she's not here yet!)

if we saw inside you, what emotions, sensations and thoughts would be there?

(let's say, when you're with your right-fitting partner you feel sassy, at peace, beautiful and excited.)

if we saw you from the outside, what would you be doing?

(when you're with your right-fitting partner, you're laughing, speaking your desires freely, and dancing more)

3. what does THIS YOU know or believe about herself and the world?

(let's say, when you are with your right-fitting partner, you know you are deeply lovable and always were.  you know the world is a place that's clapping it's hands every time more love blooms between two people.)

4. step into this VERSION OF YOU and fully feel her experience.

(this is the version of you who's with her right-fitting partner.  fully feel her experience. soak it in like you're a sea sponge.)

5. that's it.  you just did a Somatization.  this is how you will know your Desire when it comes to you.  i suggest practicing this 1-5 minutes a day.

(you can do this on the bus, on the toilet, or at your altar.  it's all good.)

but before you go, do share with me what your Desire was, that you Somaticized, and maybe even how it was to Somaticize it, ok?

here's to your COURAGE. your MOXIE.  your LEAP OF FAITH.  and ma bien sur, your DESIRES.

To learn more about Liyana Silver,           visit her at: liyanasilver.com

Do you THINK or FEEL your way in business?

I come from a long history of thinking everything.  Some of you may have heard me describe myself in the past as if I was a walking head - completely not connected to the rest of my body, knowing, insights, or feelings.

I would think EVERYTHING.  

It was all a very over intellectualized process.  Which can be very painful.  There can be decisions based on fact, but so many things can be argued one way or the other.  I could see both sides of everything.  

That was helpful in the corporate world, and being a responsible employee.  However, it didn't serve me as well in my own business.  Yes, I made decisions quickly and often in the corporate world, but they were never completely my own.  Even the ones that appeared to be my own, never really were.  And I grew to understand that and work within that structure.  

Making Decisions Now...

Now, running my own business, making decisions quickly and often is the name of the game.  Over the last 4 years I have been learning a new way to BE in my business.  I have been living it and evolving it for the last few years now and really coming into what is true for me.  

Over the weekend I was at a spiritual center in Seattle where I go for another form of connection and inspiration and we did this really interesting exercise to connect with our purpose.  It wasn't a purpose like, "you should teach people how to be great at authentic sales conversations".  It was at a higher level.  One thing I realized about myself is that discovering and living our truth, creating inspired success, and creating our own definition of success, are at my core purpose.  

It was both an aha AND a "well, of course!".  It is fundamental in my podcast every week, after all!

Owning My Process

The way this all comes together is that I am now owning and completely trusting my new decision making process.  It is absolutely informed by data, but it is not ruled by data.  I cannot connect to my truth only in my head.  I connect with my truth in my whole body.  It is a practice I have developed that serves me in every part of my business.  (It's how this blog post is coming to be in this moment as well!)

My New Decision Making Process

My new decision making process is a combination of my head and my feelings as input, but the final decision comes from my whole body knowing.  I can now see where my mind is operating out of fear or story, and can still sense that it is what I should do anyway.  

In the past I would see all the things that could go wrong in every situation.  Again, great for the corporate world in my previous role.  But it is not the way I now run my business and make my decisions.  

There's Evidence

It has taken a great deal of practice and trust to learn and develop my inner guidance system.  To know that I could trust it.  Now, I have enough EVIDENCE to support this way of BEing in my business, that I know whenever I fall back to my old habits, often I can catch myself and clear a new path that provides more inputs and awareness.  

What is your decision making process?  When you are a YES, do you do it and figure it out?  

Share with us below in the comments, I would love to connect with you and hear your perspectives.  



My #1 Strategy to Get S#*t Done

I have spent a good part of my life thinking things.  When people would ask me a question, my response would likely be "I think...".   My point is that I was only thinking, I wasn't feeling, or sensing, or connecting with any other part of me that knows.  

This used to serve me greatly when I was in my corporate life, it is how I conditioned myself to operate, and it worked.  However, when I used this same approach when developing my own service-based business, that failed miserably.  I was masterful at getting stuff done, that was a big part of my perceived self value in the work place.  

I fondly describe that  old me as a 'walking head'.  

It has taken me a long time to integrate all the parts of me.  And now I have discovered a way that helps me to connect with that knowing whenever I want or need.  

I want to share this with you today, and I would love to hear what practices you use to connect! 

But first, here is what I do with this once I'm connected.

  • Before sales conversations
  • Write a blog post
  • FB post
  • Web pages
  • Talk topics
  • Make a big decision (about a program, a client, my business, life)
  • Get clarity on my work

While this is simple, it can be a very powerful practice that allows me to do my work from the part of me that "knows", instead of thinking so hard and creating from my brain (which is much less dimensional).  ;)

So when I am experiencing being stuck, or lacking ideas, or feeling too busy, and am not able to let things flow out of me easily, I use this practice. 

The Connection Practice:

I go for a walk, somewhere that feels good to my senses.  For me, I like to be near water.  I listen to a meditation, or just go in silence.  When I have had a few minutes to let my mind and body get into the rhythm and flow of the movement, I ask myself a question.  

This could be "what does my community need to hear now?", or it could be "what is my big message?", or "how can I be in the highest service?".  Whatever is coming up for you as an area where you want guidance or to access your knowing.  

Then I let it go.  Let the thought go, let the question go.  As I continue with my walk I start to have bursts of inspiration, really great ideas that just pop (or flow) into my mind.  While I am walking, I will use my phone and speak things into my email to capture the content, inspiration, or wisdom. 

Here are the steps: 

  • Movement
  • Meditation
  • Question
  • Receive
  • Capture

So when I find myself over thinking, feeling stuck, or trying to "make" something happen, this is the practice I now know I can rely on to shift me into my knowing and really allow me to connect.

This is a great practice to incorporate into your day, before your sales conversations so you can access the tools, techniques, and mindsets you need to show up fully for your potential client.  

I would love to hear what your practices are to connect with your inner wisdom, leave a comment below.  And if you try this practice, please let me know what you experience.  I have accomplished some of my most important projects out on my walk! 

Be Inspired!

P.S.  If you would like to feel confident and empowered during your sales conversations so you can enroll more of the right clients with ease, I invite you to register for my upcoming tele seminar.  

Click here for details and to register:  https://realresultsmentoring.leadpages.net/master-the-close/