Are you taking the RIGHT kind of action?

You might be wondering if there could possibly be the wrong kind of action.  Perhaps wrong is not the right word, but it certainly may not be optimized for the highest outcome.  

Here's what I mean.  I have spent so much time thinking my way into actions.  I would think about what I want to do, identify the logical actions that would create that outcome, and then make myself do them one way or another.  (Or I would feel guilty for not doing them when I "should" have, and a cycle would continue.)

This is definitely a way to stay in action (or guilt your way into action).  It just might not be the most aligned action.  

So What Is The Alternative?

  The alternative is to take inspired or aligned action.  You know those times when you are so excited about something you are working on that you just keep going, almost without thinking, you are just completing the things that want to be done?  It's kind of like that.  

Inspired Action

Inspired action is when you feel pulled forward into an action, you feel inspired, motivated to accomplish or create something.  

For example, if I were to sit down to write this blog post and pick a topic and make myself write about it - that is not aligned.  My version of inspired action is to sit down, ask what is the topic that wants to be shared right now, and let that flow through me.  

There is no guilt involved in inspired action, it involves trust, and connecting to that part of you that knows exactly what needs to happen and then moving from that effortless place.  

Another example - "Getting" New Clients

When some of my clients are wanting to schedule more sales conversations (I like to call them conversations, but they are also called strategy sessions, discovery calls, consultations), they can try to think of the people to reach out to, use a pre-crafted email template, and hope to get a response.  Those are all very forced, disconnected actions.

When you come from inspiration, you are connected.  Connected to the bigger reason or motivation for the action and it is pulling you forward.  

When scheduling sales conversations, another strategy is to ask yourself (or your knowing) who are the people that I can be of service to right now.  Whoever comes to your mind, you can reach out to them from a place of connection to the service you can provide to them - simply by having a powerful conversation.  Writing an email or making a phone call from that place will have an entirely different quality about it, and ultimately generates a different result.  

Next Time

The next time you are feeling like you just can't make yourself do something, instead of beating yourself up or feeling guilty, ask yourself "what is the action that wants to be taken now".  There is trust involved in receiving and following through with the answer, but the outcome is so good when you follow that guidance.  

Be Inspired!  Take Action.  ;)