Appreciating what's different...

For a long time I tried to fit in. I tried to be like everyone else. So much so that I completely lost sight of who I really am, yet again a master of getting along with everyone.

Now, I know I am different. And that's a great thing. Now, I know everyone is different and that's what makes us all great. Every time we try to fit in or be like everyone else we are watering down our own greatness. 

This past week, I attended the new family orientation at my children's school and I felt excited to get to know all these different families. We go to a Waldorf school and in the past I let myself feel smaller. Feeling I wasn't "Waldorf" enough. I don't knit for fun - just with my kiddos at their request. I don't bake my own bread or hand make their toys (although I have tried during my "be like others phases").  I tried those qualities on and I now know that those are not my areas of greatness.

I am great in business, at finding truth, and at not going along with things for the sake of a rule or a system. So now I am coming to this new school and community owning my greatness and seeing where it will beautifully add to the collective greatness of every other individual. And this feels good.

How are you different?  What if you stopped trying to fit in? (What is your unique greatness underneath that?)The truth is that you don't have to try to fit in. 

What's really important is to be the most YOU that you can in every moment - flaws, differences, greatness, and all! 

This is the same thing that I teach to and develop with my clients. We can learn other systems, tools and structures - but in the end we have to use our discernment for what is truly right and be in alignment with our truth and unique greatness to know the right path for each of us. 

The more connected you are to your knowing the easier it is to have this happen effortlessly and with curiosity instead of struggle and pain. 

How connected are you? On a scale of 1-10? What do you want it to be? What gets to change for you when things feel effortless instead of like a struggle? 

I'm excited about something I am creating to help people shift the real things keeping them from bringing in clients. It's so good! Stay tuned.And first, let's get connected to your truth and your unique expression of success, join me at the Inspired Action Virtual Workshop. 

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