A Love Letter to the Dream-Stealers...

Welcome to our Guest Blogger Series! 

This is where we feature amazing women with a powerful perspective in business and the world!

This week, my guest blogger is Anne Perry, founder and CEO of Business Heroine Magazine.   

After spending her early adult years burdened by debt and suffocating in jobs that drained the life out of her, Anne knew a few things to be true: 1) The 9-5 hamster wheel setup is not what life is meant to be about, 2) There is a way out, and 3) She was going to find it and leave a breadcrumb trail for others like her.

Anne built Business Heroine as a platform to broadcast the voices of women who, despite obstacles, decide to break free of the mold and create life according to her own design. Discover the magazine for the entrepreneur who says she will, and does, at BusinessHeroineMagazine.com

To the dream-stealers,

We believed you for many years.

Our hearts sank and our shoulders slumped as what you believed was (im)possible formed our own prison walls.

We *almost* accepted that the dreams we held so close to our hearts were… Unrealistic. Risky. For them, not us. Flat out fantasy.


Because you’re very convincing. And you’re everywhere. You tell us to get our head out of the clouds. Sometimes with harsh words. Sometimes with a teasing laugh. Sometimes with a pep-talk and a dose of well-intended advice.

Sometimes it’s just a look in your eyes. Is it judgement? Worse; pity? It’s masked with a smile, but we see it. And it cuts straight to our heart.

After all, you’ve seen us try and fail before. It’s embarrassing. Spirit-deflating.

What makes us think this time could be different? Maybe we are living in fantasy. Delusional. Destined to be a dreamer that never quite makes it. Maybe we just. don’t. have. what. it. takes.

We believed you.

But here’s the truth…

We do have dreams, but we are not dreamers.

We are possibility seers – expanders of what is and what can be. We are healers – leading a new way of being and thinking. We are entrepreneurs – creators of what’s invisible today, yet which will change the world tomorrow.

We’re here on a mission.

We have big work to do.

So big – so important – it hurts our spirit not to do it.

That’s why – even amidst your doubts – we continue to get up, even after a bad fall. That’s why we choose to follow desire rather than should. That’s why we pursue our dreams no matter what.

You can join us if you want. Or, you can continue to laugh, scold, and pity us for believing in what you know is (im)possible.

In the meantime, we’ll just go about Seeing. Healing. Creating. We’ll just go and do it.

with love,

The “Dreamers”