Are you feeling locked up in NOTHING WILL MEET ME?⠀


Are you feeling locked up in NOTHING WILL MEET ME?⠀

My work will draw people in and push them away – won’t meet me.⠀
Money comes in and no matter how much it is, it isn’t enough – won’t meet me.⠀
Partner is loving and kind and supportive and you want more – won’t meet me.⠀
I am too much for everyone to deal with – they can’t handle me – won’t meet me.⠀
Where is the remedy in NOTHING WILL MEET ME?⠀

It feels like a big NO everywhere.⠀
It feels more like a trap – like no matter where you look, no matter what you try, nothing will actually “work”… nothing will meet you.⠀

So you start down the path to something and you meet a NO.⠀
Usually it’s because you have already decided knowingly or unknowingly that it won’t actually “work”⠀

So you’re out. You bail. You’re done.⠀
Again knowingly or unknowingly.⠀

The tricky part is that you still “think” you are moving forward with the thing – but underneath there is nothing happening. You have ejected from the game, you have left the building, you are done.⠀
So you keep taking the actions, moving in the direction…⠀
All the while holding the energetic of “it’s not going to work, nothing ever works, it can’t meet me” ⠀
And maybe it’s even worse... maybe you can’t meet them.⠀

Others might say, just decide something different.⠀
So you go through the mental motions, the brain exercises, to have an intellectual experience of THINKING something different.⠀
I really want this, you say. ⠀
I’m ready, you say. ⠀
But still, holding the energetic of NO!⠀

So what is there to do...⠀
Well, let’s start here. ⠀
Where is a YES? ⠀
Where is just one itsy bitsy teeny tiny thing you can be a YES to, just for now, just in this moment?⠀
Not forever, just for right now.⠀

Can you be a YES to more money? ⠀
Again, the brain says YES.⠀
But there is the subtle energetic of NO creating restriction, because of the part of you that wants to know HOW!⠀
So that cancels out the YES.⠀

There is a big difference between the intellectual YES and the energetic YES.⠀
So what can you be a YES to right now? ⠀
For real. ⠀

No matter how much you THINK you are a yes to something, if you were actually an energetic NO, it doesn’t matter.