Your soul knows....


Where are you compromising yourself?

Not the glaring obvious places - although that too

The subtle places - the ones you don't look at, don't want to look at, have been taught it's supposed to be that way

and you have bought into it - in your mind, your actions...
but your soul knows

Your soul knows it chooses its own rebellious path and expression in the world

not one of mediocrity
of settling
of compromise

It's time to get honest with yourself
to stop telling yourself those honest white lies
that you are supposed to believe...

but that are actually squashing your spirit
your uniqueness
your gifts
your joy

It's time to get real with yourself, up close and personal, 
see yourself naked in the most intimate ways
seeing your truth
seeing where you have been playing the role of victim 
instead of setting yourself FREE.

If you’re ready to look into the places you aren't looking, past the illusion, and into freedom, send me a note - I'll walk this path with you. 💚