What else is present...


It is inflamed, it is tender, 
it has been trying for so long 
and trying so hard

It is exhausted

It is tired

And it is relentless.

It is not here to be pushed around or told what to do

It has a presence of its own

It is here for something

But what?

Under the inflammation and the tenderness

Under the trying and the passion

Under the commitment to create

What is truly here

What else is present...

Moving through the layers

Being with the tenderness...

Underneath it all is a deep knowing, a deep peaceful state

An understanding that this is too true to not be seen

It is like a reflecting pool

What you show it it will be reflected back to you

But big and bright

While it can show you what you are here to see next

It is also doing its own magic

The magic of being in it’s fullest state

Which is actually soft, and peaceful, and deeply content

because it is not here to do your stuff for you

it is here to be the fullest experession of itself

and part of the way it does that is by seeing and reflecting what it sees

and also it is here to bring things into form

it is here to create matter out of nothing

it is here to work its own magic and to bring that into the world by its very way of BEING

by bringing something into form

and one of the ways it can do that is by bringing you into the form of your truth

your essence

your power

and here we both live together, fully expressed, experiencing our greatness in all it’s glory

gifts, challenges, and all

in presence

in truth