There is no THERE.

There is no THERE (1).jpg

There is no destination.

There is no THERE 
So often we want to do something
go somewhere
be someone
have an experience, a feeling
and that's not IT, 
that's not the end

The real truth is that how we care for ourselves, tend to ourselves, what we believe about ourselves, THROUGH the process is what actually matters.

Because once you are "there"...
we are not stagnant Beings
so you are never done, until you are.

There is always another place to go
another experience to desire
another feeling to be felt.

So will you choose to commit to the care and tending of your process and yourself - no matter where you are - everywhere you are...

or will you 
Sing your praises
or Beat yourself up
based on how CLOSE or FAR you are from "there"?