Allowing yourself to acclimate to SPEED...

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Allowing yourself to acclimate to SPEED...

What is keeping you stuck in your current reality - instead of experiencing all that you know you are here to experience?

SPEED is one of the factors that is keeping you stuck, still.

Sounds opposite, but let’s look.

When you feel into the current experience, you may notice there are some pieces that are holding you in place, maybe holding you still.

If we look more closely, they may even be keeping you in place - while having the feeling or the experience of moving, or even spinning.

Moving and yet not going anywhere.

These pieces that are keeping you still are trying to keep you safe.

But from what?

If we look even more closely at the version that you know and hold for yourself, that version sits back and experiences life with speed.

There is a certainty and a knowing that all of the things that are coming so quickly to you are perfect and you are ready to receive them.

But all of that in a split second, there is no thinking this, there is no analyzing.

The reality is that in this version there is no need for that, because all that comes to you with speed is for you. Now.

So what is the difference between these two?

One is comfortable with speed - it’s not even a thing. It just is.

The other is making SPEED mean it is out of control and experiencing chaos.

This version slows speed down because it is super uncomfortable not being in control and KNOWING - intellectually - all of the things all of the time.

So it slows things down.

To this version SPEED = Chaos

So this version of you chooses to stay in control, to slow things down, and to keep you safe.

But really when we look at both of these versions, the thing you are keeping yourself safe from - is really yourself.

There is a distrust of yourself - or even of life - that keeps you from KNOWing in your bones that everything that is coming to you is perfect, now.

So let’s let the version of you that knows how to BE with SPEED inform the version of you that equates speed with chaos - or being out of control.

Be with the discomfort as your system upgrades and re-acclimates itself to its natural state.

Stay with it all the way.

What you are releasing here is not control, you are releasing the distrust of receiving exactly what you desire with speed, now.

*If you would like to take a look at the way your system is working with SPEED, send me a PM and let's see...