Fall FREE into uncertainty.⠀

It's Time to land..jpg

It’s time to LAND. ⠀

Land in your body. ⠀
Land in your voice. ⠀
Land in your commitment.⠀

But not from the old way of pushing and making it happen. Yes, you can pull that old trick out at anytime.⠀

Now it’s time for the new way. ⠀
And this way feels less certain. ⠀

Because, well, there is no certainty here at all.⠀
Except for the Truth.⠀

And in that there is peace, and stillness, and a deeper knowing.⠀

So the terrifying free fall into the unknown can be met by surrender.⠀

What is needed to resource that?⠀
A deep trust.⠀

Do the "scary" thing that you are guided to do.⠀

Tell the story. ⠀
Write the words. ⠀
Speak your truth.⠀

Fall FREE into uncertainty.⠀