Do you choose to end the disconnection?

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When you have done too much
Taken care of everything
Literally everything
Because you think you have to
Because you know no one else will
Doesn’t matter
You did it all
And then, you are done. 

And in this state of DONE’ness, you become unavailable for anything else.
You can’t do anymore
And you can’t receive anymore. 
So there, capacity full.
Maxed out.
What about the RECEIVING?

What about what gets to return to you,
Not just because of what you have done
But because that is a natural cycle in the world - the give and the receive

But when you are maxed out there is literally no room for anything else. 
So you continue this cycle
Until you snap.
In whatever way that looks like for you in that moment. 
It could be exhaustion
Leaving The thing is that all of this is taking place in a state of disconnection.
Disconnected from yourself
Disconnected from support
Disconnected from source
Disconnected from Truth

And in the space of disconnection there is no mechanism to replenish your supply
You are tapped out.
Unless you reconnect.
But HOW?

Do you choose to end the disconnection?
Probably not, maybe digging in the heels a bit
Maybe pushing yourself away from yourself just to complete all the angles

And when you tire of that just enough to surrender just a tiny bit
Because you just can’t even -
Then you take a peek.
What are you truly disconnected from?
Will you allow connectIon?
Just a drop?

And in this place of exhausted surrender
You realize
That maybe this game of ‘I've done it all’, ‘I cant’ do anymore’, ‘I have to do everything’
Is not actually the game you want to be playing
Maybe this is actually the game that is keeping you from dropping into the next level
of your greatness

Maybe this is the thing that is keeping you safe
from yourself
Because, let’s be real, that power that you hold
is no joke. 
If you were to be connected to THAT...
What might actually happen then? 
You might get what you want
You might receive support - in known and unknown ways
You might stand in the comfort of your greatness
While standing in the discomfort of your comfort
And the comfort of your discomfort
You might actually get what you want.
And then who would you be?
Someone who gets what they want! 
Nothing to fix there.
Nothing to tend to.
Nothing to talk about.
It might just free up a whole bunch of time. 
For you
To be you
In all your greatness

It might just be time to get used to THAT.