Learning from something that has no words...


We are walking around on this planet, this earth, this land
Instead of communing with it

We are experiencing the surface of it
Instead of the depth of it

We are sitting in our bubble of our own forgetting
Instead of merging into the depth of all that is and ever was


Is it easier? 
Is it better? 
Is it what we are meant to experience?

Or are we keeping ourselves separate?
Trying to stay safe, trying to stay an individual, trying to know some things

When we connect deeply with the land we realize that we actually don’t know anything
There is nothing to know
And nothing that hasn’t already been known

And yet, when we stay separate, we nourish and feed the part of us that desires to have it’s own experience, to discover something, to know something - in our minds.

And we are disconnecting ourselves from the part of us that KNOWS things in the very being of our selves.

The part of us that knows the things that are already known.

The part of us that releases the need to be an individual
And merges with that that already is and always was bigger than it could ever be as an individual

What is available in the depths of the land? 
What is the wisdom that is present? 
What is available for us as an individual when we commune with the land
When we remember.

Societies are challenged
Rules are questioned
Values are re-evaluated

And the answers are all there.

Can we allow ourselves to be present with that

Can we allow ourselves to be so humble to learn from something that has no words.

Can we allow ourselves to quiet our mind and soften our importance so we can be the student of the teacher that is embodied within us and beneath us and all around us?

Here. Here we merge with the land. Here we merge with the remembering of all that has come before us and all that comes after us.

Here we hear the stories of our imagination

Here we feel the feelings that have been felt - and those that have been simply released, ignored, and left

Here we bow to the knowing of the unknowing

Here we bow to humility and depth in a way that no one can market or sell

Here we connect to the truth, to the depth of an experience, that is present here and always, if only we choose to release our commitment to forgetting - and instead choose to commit to remember.