How is the Energy of Fear trying to support you?

How is this energy of fear trying to support you-.png

So, you write something that's up for you...

It feels True, maybe vulnerable.

You want to share it with your community.
You're feeling pretty good about it...

Then it's time to hit SEND...
Fear, worry, panic, judgement arise.

You feel hot.
The blood rushes through your whole body.

The fear of judgment that hasn't even happened is taking over your physical experience.
And nothing has even happened yet.

It's amazing how we can create such a powerful physiological response, something that can move you into lock down and inaction.

Do you notice how the actual THOUGHTS in your head are actually the thing that is creating this physical experience?
The beautiful thing with this is that you can also use your thoughts or other tools to create a DIFFERENT experience.
Where you can write, share, BE in a way that supports the growth of your business and keeps you feeling completely aligned, REAL, and in movement.

Try this.
Imagine the judgment washing over you. Let it be there. Let it come closer. Watch it. Without judgment. Bring in some curiosity
How is this energy of fear trying to support you?
Keep you safe? 
Protect you? 
Keep you in alignment and truth?

There is a goodness in it.

And the more you do it, be with the energy and the intensity, let it be the checks and balances, the more that same intensity will begin to shift.

Ultimately allowing you to move through the experience and share your self and your message because it IS true, safe, aligned, and in greater service to your entire system than the need to protect you.

Share your message. 
Increase your visibility. 
Be seen.