When we stop trying, our True Essence can SHINE...

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When we stop TRYING⠀
Our true essence can shine⠀

Sure, when we have been conditioned to TRY, to strive, to be more than we are…⠀

(which is really just code for not good enough)⠀

We will go through an initial phase of disintegration.⠀
It almost has to happen.⠀

Like working your butt off for days, months, or years⠀
And then going on a vacation and doing NOTHING⠀

Until you get to the point where doing nothing isn’t that fulfilling anymore.⠀
Or maybe it is even more fulfilling than you ever could have imagined!⠀

Either way, the stopping of the TRYING is the thing that is allowing the system to come back into neutral.⠀

Allowing the pendulum that has been permanently, un-naturally attached to one side, to finally sway back and forth and back and forth, wondering what is neutral⠀

Our essence, our Truth, the Truth of who we are, ⠀
Isn’t found in TRYING.⠀

It isn’t found in being ‘more than we are’.⠀

It is found in being exactly the amount of goodness, no – Greatness – that is formed into our BEING naturally. NATURALLY!⠀

Of course the stopping of the TRYING seems insane, seems so hard to do, seems de-illusional.⠀

And yes that is true to the human form only until it stops. ⠀

Only until it remembers it’s greatness. ⠀

Only until it remembers BEING without STRIVING.⠀

And NO, it’s not that there will never be another desire to learn something ⠀
Or to do something⠀
Or to evolve⠀

But those things will be coming from the NATURAL force within that is moving our evolution forward.⠀

It will not come from outside of ourselves as a way of never being good enough.⠀

Because it’s true. We are not good enough.⠀

What is TRUE, is that we are Great! ⠀

And it’s damn time we each remember that.⠀

Stop TRYING. Even stop DOING.

Just Stop EVERYthing. For a moment. Or longer. Until you find a new way of BEING. One that is so much more joy-filled, so much more fulfilling, so much more surrendered to the goodness in every drop.⠀

Even without anyone ever telling us it is so. ⠀

Because we found it from Truth. ⠀
Because it is so. ⠀
Because it is Truth.⠀

And Truth cannot be denied.⠀

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