Sourcing Certainty.⠀

Now that you have peeled the layers and removed the false confidence, can you now see the TRUTH in your greatness underneath_ (4).jpg

You have spent years, maybe decades, deconstructing your ego⠀

So much so you can see the greatness all around you –⠀

Yet the greatness inside you…⠀

Well, you know it’s there, but it’s been dismantled.⠀

It doesn’t feel so powerful or strong⠀

You knew that feeling – ⠀
back in the day – ⠀
back when you were sourcing from your ego⠀

Confidence was available, but now -⠀

Now you can see the shallowness, the overcompensating, the HIDING, the emptiness trying to be FULL.⠀

Full of yourself, but full in a way where you were borrowing confidence from ego, not from Truth.⠀

And you don’t want any part of that again...⠀

And yet – you know there’s more available than uncertainty, doubt, and endless refinement.⠀

Where is the new, truer version of confidence?⠀

What is available?⠀

Where is the depth available in your knowing?⠀

The depth that allows you to step out of HIDING your gifts, your purpose, your greatness, your MAGIC?⠀

Where is certainty?⠀

It’s there… Somewhere.⠀

So now I’m curious, can you find the TRUTH in your greatness instead of the overcompensated confidence your whole Being is repelling?⠀

Instead of throwing it all out… your gifts -and all!⠀

Since you have peeled the layers and removed the false confidence, can you now see the TRUTH in your greatness underneath?⠀

No need to fake it till you make it⠀
It’s already there.⠀

Can you source certainty from the part of you resonating this frequency of truth?⠀

Maybe it’s not in your mind yet - ⠀
or even throughout your whole BEING, ⠀
but it’s there.⠀

It’s there in that part of you that is connected to Source.⠀

Source it - ⠀
from Source - ⠀
from you – ⠀
the wholeness of you.⠀

Let it get bigger, feel it, KNOW this new way.⠀

Let it soak into your whole Being⠀
until it radiates out the TRUTH that is.⠀

Source Certainty.⠀

Are you desiring this level of CERTAINTY?⠀

Feeling deeply connected to your truth and your power so you can bring your gifts, your purpose, into the world - even if it looks different than what you’re doing now?⠀

Send me a PM.

There is more depth available.⠀