Surrender into the NOT KNOWING.

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We believe we are meant to KNOW the things that we are experiencing, that are transforming within us, and the world around us.

And, the KNOWING of the things is actually creating a filter of limitation on what we are available to receive, to do, to experience.

There are subtle energetic shifts that are occurring all the time.

These things can come through your physical body, your energetic field, your mind...

And the mind feels like the last place this wisdom enters your conscious awareness.

The subtle shifts are occurring in your energetic field first to support your mind in having the breath of possibility, the attunement, and the lack of limitation that would restrict the wisdom from being received.

So while we are trying to understand everything and make sense of it all the time, we are actually keeping ourselves trapped in a state of limitation.

Are you willing to open to the possibility? 
Are you willing to experience the mystery?

Are you willing to experience the possibility that the mystery is greater than that which your mind can even comprehend?

Are you willing to experience that level of surrender?

To surrender into the NOT KNOWING.

The NOT KNOWING intellectually - and collectively.

Allow yourself the space to be in the NOT DOING. 
Allow yourself to be in the space of NOT KNOWING.

Allow yourself to receive the cosmic upgrades, attunements, and energetic shifts and support that is available to you always and in all ways.

Open to the subtlety. 
Open to the possibility. 
Open to the mystery. 
Open to limitless expansiveness. 
Open to ecstatic surrender.

There is an unfathomable level of depth available to our BEINGs, and our attachment to the knowing, to the understanding, is keeping us playing in the shallow end.