Set your system up to RECEIVE...


When it feels like everything is falling apart
and you're exhausted and drained
and the kids are arguing
and you have clients calling
and you feel like you have to DO SOMETHING 
because it can't keep going like this
but you can't possibly do one. more. thing...
because... well, that is perhaps what got you here in the first place

Remember this. 
You don't have to do MORE.

You have to re-calibrate your energetic, emotional, and physical systems.

It doesn't require a day at the spa, 
or an intervention ;)

Your system is refusing to receive.

It isn't receiving the things you may be doing for yourself
like the hugs, the snuggles, the sweet times,
the delicious meal,
the sleep.

So doing MORE, isn't actually going to do any good -
except have you feel even more drained and behind than you already do.

What will support you most, is to re-calibrate your system 
so it can RECEIVE.

AND so it can receive without you having to do anything -
so it can balance itself, nourish itself, and set you up to work with the infinite time and space that is actually available to you (even though that phrase might make you want to punch me) ;)

This doesn't have to to be hard
but you do have to choose.

You have to CHOOSE to create the shift within yourself
because that's truly the only thing you really have any "control" (or perception of control) over.

And when you do create this re-balancing in your system, then almost like magic, the things you are experiencing around you shift too.

More harmony with the kids, more focus and energy with your work and clients, more connection with your partner, more prosperity

- Radiating Prosperity - from the inside out.

This is a biggie. 
Set your system up to RECEIVE. 
Are you ready?