What is present here?

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That darkness over your heart is here for you.

And it’s here for you now…

so you can learn from it,
have an experience with it,
see it more clearly.

What is being covered or hidden might be there to serve you or protect you

After all the energy out, this is an invitation to come back into your center, to your heart

What is present here?

This feels like the new kind of contraction – after the expansion – where you are invited back to your center.

Not to get small and hide.

But to be present.

To feel.
To listen.
To recalibrate.

To discover the next step that is available to you now.

The one you couldn’t see before, because you needed to come here in order to see it.

But it is here now for you.

Do you see it?
Do you feel it? 
Do you know it?