It’s time to breathe.


It’s time to breathe.

It’s time to let the flow of your breath be the model of the flow for your life.

In and out.

Play and rest.

This is a time for rest.

Letting your system acclimate to a new way of being.

Letting yourself discover the new way that is being upgraded in you right now.

A way that allows you to be who you are fully - with more ease and less struggle.

A way that encourages you to create - even when you are at rest.

A way that invites in change - even when none is necessary.

Today is the day to allow yourself to receive the goodness that will power your creation and your new way of being.

Will you allow that in?

Will you receive that?

Can you let the goodness happen for you even if you don’t KNOW it is there?

It is. <3