When you feel CALLED to deliver your next level of work...


When you feel CALLED (or really pulled 😉) to deliver your next level of work...

And you witness the formerly confident, capable, get it done person begins to feel the uncertainty, the doubt - the process of bringing YOUR OWN WORK into the world. 

Yep, we all know of the systems and steps for "how to do business"... 

But what about the actual LABOR and BIRTHING of your creation, your work, your purpose into the world? 

When you receive a knowing, information, a creation, and NO ONE has done it before, then what? 

Somehow that brings up all the places where you are not yet embodying your greatness. 

And - for many connected entrepreneurs who are moving through this process now - it also means a melting away of the "way" you used to "get stuff done" and a somewhat painful process of "allowing" the work or the creation to come into being. 

Somehow we have to get our "type A, overachiever, make it happen" selves out of the way to LET the goodness come in - without "having to" DO ALL THE THINGS.

The way you used to create lists, have tasks, have timelines, and deadlines - have a strong need to fade away. 

"But I don't want to!" [In the best toddler voice...] (right??)

I hear you. I've been through this too - and am even choosing to continue the evolution.

Re-learning how to be in your business, how to DO (and NOT do) your business. 

It was painful - challenging. 

And, it was liberating, and powerful, and profound...

and when I stopped the fight, there was an ease about it I hadn't yet known. 

And it was hard! Not easy! Re-learning, un-learning, un-doing, finding a way into BEING - that is some of the hardest work to do. 

And when you choose that, when you choose to set down the fight, and move toward it like a conveyor belt bringing you down the aisle with all the goodies just for you, it's actually pretty amazing too!

Again, not easy. And also, there's a way we can choose "not hard". 

But people aren't talking about this part. 

There are successful, "get it done" entrepreneurs who have melted the old, to let it all go, to step into something even bigger, even greater. 

Greater because it is even more aligned to the thing they are here to do. 

It just doesn't always look like that when you are IN IT. 

So in all of this, please know, you are not alone. This is what is being called for next. 

You are not crazy. 

Trust yourself. Trust the process. (Even if you don't really know what that is.) 

And ask for support if you feel that too. 

What I know supported me in this CREATION process more than anything is:

Doing my own looking at what is and isn't true. 

Being willing to BE in the in-between. 

Being willing to not yet KNOW what comes next and when.

(BEING WILLING was one of my biggest challenges.) 😐

And receiving support from people that are are not attached to THE WAY - and open to the fact that you are birthing YOUR WAY - and no one has done that YET!

If you are feeling some relief thinking about this kind of support moving through this next layer of your work coming now, send me an email and let's see what's available next for you. 

I have created a level of support to meet you in your powerful leadership as you prepare to create your Creation. Whether that's your next evolution, project, speaking gig, event... 

This is available to you as a CREATOR when you know that the thing you DON'T SEE for yourself is the thing that will allow you to step into the next level and release the pieces that are holding you back - even if you can't name it. 

This is beyond the actions, the lists, the brainstorms. 

When you know that YOU are the creator of your experience - and you know there are other factors impacting your next level of success, it's time. 

It's time to work the crunchy places, to work the energetics, to do your personal work - because ultimately that is the thing that creates what you experience next.

So let's see, send me an emaill and let's connect. And we can see what is the right thing to meet you and your next creative EVOLUTION.