Want to be more VISIBLE - to create more Influence and Impact?


Want to be more VISIBLE - to create more Influence and Impact?

"Just take these Actions"...


Please no.

I know you know that taking action is important.

And NOT taking action is also important!

There are times when stillness, silence, and sitting is what creates the next burst of insight, creativity, and inspiration.

If you are always moving, you miss the truth, the deeper knowing, the ease.

The consistent action keeps you ABOVE, keeps your head in the clouds in a way that keeps you "safe" from connecting to the "reality".

It seems safer up there, easier

But that constant level of stress and anxiety in your system is actually doing more harm than turning up your Brave-o-meter and taking a look.

So the REALITY is that the more connected you are to your truth, the more VISIBLE you will be.

Visible where the quality of busy actions isn't meaninful or impactful but where the truth of your essence shines so bright it can't NOT be seen.

So yes, be more visible. 
Do it for the right reasons.
Shine your light and illuminate your truth. 
And let it be seen by all who will be impacted.

Don't just take more Actions. 
Upgrade your whole system to BE SEEN, even greater...
to BE WITNESSED in all it's greatness.

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