What does it mean to be more VISIBLE?

What does it mean to be more VISIBLE?

...Making a bigger impact
Serving more people
Influencing a larger community
Writing, posting, sharing consistently on social media
Creating and sharing videos
Sending consistent emails with value
Increasing clients paying you for your gifts...

Yep, these are some of the things it may mean to you.
So how do you do this?

Well, it's not someone telling you "do this and that and this and that" and WA POW💥 you have success, you are more visible.

Instead it's about clearing the way so you ARE more visible.

✨Restoring your power that you gave away (consciously or not), causing you to shrink down and go off the radar.

✨Removing the invisibility curtain (or learning how to use it as a super power) so people can see you and receive what you are already putting out there.

✨Upgrading who you are being and creating alignment with your message, your offers, and your pricing.

✨Creating safety in your system so you can "let yourself" be seen without feeling the deep desire to run and hide.

There are some pieces that are universal and there are others unique to you.

Would you like to have a better understanding of these invisible influences impacting this next level of success for you?

Send me a PM and I'll add you to the wait list for my next complimentary Visibility Expansion session, where I do a read of your energetic system to discover how it's set up now and what's available next.

I know you're doing the work - this is about creating a match with your actions and your big vision, creating a new result.😘