Give yourself this gift. ❤️

An upset child.
An experience that creates fear.
A person or conflict. 
 A number in your bank account. 
A part of your body.

The energy you experience that feels like discomfort in your body, that's the thing you get to practice being with.

When we reclaim the part of ourselves that is bad or wrong or unsafe around that experience we come back into the truth that we are whole.

We are reclaiming a part of ourselves that we had banished, discarded, or shut down.

BE WITH the experience that creates this discomfort.

Practice being with it in your own body, your own energy, and emotions.

No need to change it.

Simply being with it is enough to remember that you are enough.

Even if your mind doesn't remember, the rest of your system will begin to reorganize in this remembering.

Give yourself this gift. ❤️