Without an adversary or a problem to "fix", do we lose our ability to fight?

To fight for something different?
To take a stand and create something better?

What I am noticing and witnessing with these amazing, connected, world changing clients I have the honor to support on their path, is that have something even more than a fight.

Something deeper.
Something stronger that pulls them forward.

They have commitment.

A commitment to experience and create Conscious Excellence.

Not because they have to.

Because they choose to.

They choose to experience greatness all around them.

They choose to experience their greatness in every area of their lives - and then get curious as to how it can delight them even more.

Not because they aren't grateful, or appreciative.

But because they are committed to life unfolding with surprise and delight.

They are committed to their greatness.

They are committed to themselves.

They KNOW that when they take the next step on their path, the people and experiences around them also have the opportunity to uplevel to meet them.

They are the creators.

And they are creating Conscious Excellence.

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