Finding your CENTER in the chaos...

As I sat down to my practice (a combo of yoga, meditation, energy work, writing) it was peaceful and calm.  The kids just went outside to play and I was taking a few moments during this moment to stay with my commitment to myself.  

We are on spring break this week and my experiment that I am deepening into is letting my work, my personal practice, and my relationships/parenting all happen interconnected - without separation.  

In the past I had a way of creating a separation for each of these things.  There was a time and even a space that made it be separate.  There wasn't exactly a schedule, but there was a time and space.  And if I didn't have that, then something wouldn't happen.  

It became this all or nothing experience in each moment - that worked, but now I am open to something different. 

So we are on one of our mini-adventures playing for a few days this week and I sat down to my practice.  

As I'm in the middle of my meditation my little one comes around and hangs out by me and things start to get a little busy - I hear noises - as I peek an eye open to see what's up, I see that he is playing with the foam exercise equipment near by.  He gets more and more creative and it gets more and more noisy.  Until one lands right on my foot.  

:) I opened my eyes again.   

I noticed what I was experiencing, and as I had been all day, I was feeling very present and peaceful.  

And then he went back to experimenting.

This daily practice is my way of feeling connected to my center even if things are literally going bump around me.  

It's the thing that allows me to connect into the words that want to be said, the way I want to be of service to my clients and community, the way I stay connected to what is true (for me). 

This feels like the piece that opens up so much more possibility to bring all the parts of me together to BE all the time, instead of keeping everything separate so I can "focus".  

Parenting - Business - Personal Practice - AS ONE... the experiment continues...<3 

How do you find your center? 

If you are interested in deepening into your relationships, business, and personal development - all flourishing from your GREATNESS and allowing it all to grow and EXPAND from there, send me a PM.  

I am currently inviting amazing world changing women into my next group, The Expansion Experience, so they can bring their greatness out into the world from their center, from their place of truth, and expand their presence, their impact, their income, and their experiences in every way!