I am witnessing a most beautiful thing...

When I first started in the coaching business many years ago I was taught that there has to be a pain that needs to be solved in order for someone to take action and invest in the solution.

And while that is true, I always wondered about my own experience.

Can there be more?

At first my pain was that I wanted to leave the corporate world to spend more time with my kids and do work that felt more purposeful and aligned.

And along the way I have invested heavily in myself and my learning.

I also picked up a few judgements on my self because of my insatiable desire to continue learning.

At first those were partly true, wanting to learn more because a part of me didn't feel enough - I didn't know enough, I wasn't good enough...

But then that shifted and I could discern when I was investing to learn more because it was the next part of my path versus the old story.

And now I have been out of corporate for some years now and I continue to learn and invest in myself.

And I know why I do it.

It's because it's who I am. It's part of my path. And I LOVE It.

And what I am witnessing now are other women who are here to create their impact in the world investing in themselves - not because they have a problem to solve - but because they are committed to a level of excellence, committed to experiencing something truly amazing in their whole life, and they know the path to that is through their own experience.

As they continue to move deeper on their path more possibilities and opportunities open to them.

They don't do it BECAUSE of what comes next, they do it because IT IS what's next.