You are a Warrior Priestess.

Let me explain...

I emerged from a powerful energy session AND a shaman healing session yesterday. And as I was hearing what the shaman was sharing with me, he mentioned these words for me...

You are a Warrior Priestess.

Now the word priestess is not a word I throw around. It's not something that I have considered myself to be or even tried on.

So I got curious.

I've been playing around with what it means to fully allow the warrior archetype to be present, and how to do that in a way that is in alignment with my values and doesn't feel like I'm fighting everything.

As I bring the two pieces together I can feel how it is taking a stand for something, or fighting for something, for truth, with integrity - as a leader of a movement.

That feels exciting and true.

(And the part of me where I feel myself fighting the overused priestess language will have to stand down for now.)😉