Is it a nudge or a smackdown...

People either want to change or they don't want to change. 

People who are OK with changing experience little nudges that let them know things are off course or need to be adjusted.  

People who aren't a fan of change tend to pass by those nudges until they become louder and louder and result in the universal smack in the face - something presents itself that as 'big enough' to get the attention and be worthy of the change. 

I tend to enjoy change, OK, I actually really love it.  And, at the same time there are places in my life where I have had to wait to receive the smack down before I was willing to see things differently or be open to making a change.  There are still areas like that for me.  I choose to take on the things that I feel most connected or inspired or excited to shift - and sometimes there is a different plan for me that I don't think I'm ready for, so it takes a bigger 'nudge' for me to actually see it.  

The cool thing is that the knowledge and tools you develop when you are faced with the smack down are the same kind of tools you can use for the day to day nudges.  We just don't always look at it like that.  

If you are experiencing a universal smack down right now, I get it, it can be a big shake up to everything you know to be true.  And there are strategies and tools that can support you in the big ones, just the same as the nudges.  

The cool thing is that you can use this as a place to move with or you can choose to experience more struggle and continue to fight it or resist it.  

Where are you willing to create more ease?  
Are you willing to embrace some change to create that?  

Cheers to you!

I am in the early stages of introducing the 5 Levels of Expansion so you can create more expansion in your experience of business, work, and relationships - and develop the tools and the inner knowing to move through anything you choose to allow it to be even better.  

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