I don't want to be a leader...

I don't want to be a leader. 

Hang with me for a moment on this...

I will say first that I am a leader.  I am a leader of myself, for my family, for my business, for my vision. 

And I don't want to be a leader for you.  

I want for you to find your own answers, your own questions, and your own way. 

Here's the difference for me right now.  

I love being in my leadership energy - I can see more clearly how to move forward, how to serve my clients and community, where to receive instead of give...

And I am fiercely committed to you finding your own way.  Of course everyone who has created their definition of success can tell you "these are the steps I took to get here".  And, the flaw in that is what if you actually desire different things? 

Let's just say we all want 6 and 7 and 8 figure businesses - as we are all told to want.  :) 

And, that's all fine and probably very true.  But the way we want to do that is likely very different.  

I like taking my kids to school and picking them up, this is something I craved when I worked in corporate and I love this time with them - whether they had a great day, are feeling cranky, whatever it is.  This an important time for me to BE with them.  

So I will design my business accordingly. 

There are also all the different ways to create that successful business - retreats, consulting, services, products, online, offline...

There are really important nuances that need to be incorporated into your way of creating your desired success.  And only you KNOW that. 

So no matter what you are wanting to create, of course there are people who you can follow to be inspired, receive tips, and deepen your knowledge and skill set.  But the key is that no one will do it exactly the way you do, and that is exactly the way it should be!  

No more people just doing what someone else is doing - it lacks depth and truth.  A large infusion of YOU is critical. 

The way to do that is to create EXPANSION in who you are being in your business, in your life, in your presence, in your impact - and you do that by connecting with the part of you that knows.  

This does't come from your head, or your heart, or your gut - but in a way it comes from the thing that's even bigger than all the individual parts.  It comes from your knowing.  It never steers you wrong.  

I am excited to deepen in the experience of creating EXPANSION with a group of other powerful women who know they are here to do things their own way - even if they are still discovering what that way is.  If you are ready to create Expansion in your Presence, your Impact, your Gifts, your Abundance, send me a PM and let's connect.  

I am fiercely committed to you being an EXAMPLE, not just a leader.  <3