The First Step In Your UP LEVEL...

Something that surprised me...

For the last couple of  years I have been working with high end coaches - these are people who the multi-million dollar businesses go to to take their business to the next level teaching sales and marketing strategies.  

A few summers ago I sat in a house in Arizona at a marketing residential - we all lived in a house together for 5 days implementing our marketing and sales strategies.  

The thing that surprised me was that where we began is where we always begin - Niche.

No matter where you are in your business, when you are ready to make the next UP LEVEL it is time to revisit your niche.  This is the place that realigns you to who you NOW want to serve and how you uniquely serve them at this moment (different than how you used to 3-6+ months ago).  

We were all doing niche.  Six figures+, Multi-six figures, Million dollar+.... NICHE.

It's a good practice to revisit your niche every 3 months, to tweak, refine, up level.  This doesn't mean you need to change it every 3 months, sometimes it is refine and sometimes it is NEW.  And sometimes it can be an addition to your current marketing - depending on the level of your business and your marketing dollars.  

And this is a perfect opportunity to add more of your unique GREATNESS into your niche and how you uniquely serve your audience - no more "boring messages like everyone else" that slip through the cracks!

Where are you in your UP LEVEL? 

There are many different ways the up level experience can show up for people.  

  • It can feel like another level of something is coming - leaving you in a state of indecision, lack of clarity, and confusion. 
  • It can look like a pause, the things that were working before aren't working like they used to.  You have evolved and it's an invitation for your business strategies to evolve as well. 
  • It can look like strategies just not working - maybe you have not yet identified "your way" of doing your business and are ready to really let go of the strategies that are not aligned for YOU.
  • It can appear as a sense of boredom, feeling complete with what you have been doing, not challenged, ready for some new adventure or excitement. 
  • It can seem that another area(s) of your life seem to be "falling apart" just as you now have a handle on the "wash, rinse, repeat" nature of your business.
  • And more. 

What I have discovered is that there are specific steps necessary to move through the UP LEVEL for you and your business.  

1. Choose Expansion, choose to move into the next level - sounds simple, but this is a really big one.

2. Identify how you choose to expand:

  • Is it in your presence, reach, impact, depth?  
  • Is it in an upgraded area of focus or something new? 
  • Is it a new offering or a new audience?

3.  Define your greatness and integrate it into all areas of your business.

4.  Choose your new niche (upgraded or NEW)

5.  Upgrade your pricing, products, and offers to align with the your UP LEVELed strategy & your unique greatness.

6.  Upgrade who you are BEING in your business so you are in alignment with how you implement. 

No matter where you are in your UP LEVEL experience it is critically important to be aligned with your expanded vision for your business.  

I have been having so much fun doing this work with my clients in VIP days, that I have decided to open 2 Virtual VIP days to support you in your EXPANDED vision, strategy, and niche - and integrating that new expanded vision into your whole system so you can BE what you DO.  

I invite you to apply for one of these VIP days, first come first serve!  

Who is this for? 

  • This is for you if you have already started your business and you are looking to refine and/or expand. 
  • This is for you if you know you have a desire to create a big impact in the world. 
  • This is for you if you know you have are ready to BE in action & ALIGNED to your vision

If this feels like a YES to you Connect with me NOW  and we will provide you with the application to make sure this is a good fit.