Are you a breaker of structures?

I am a breaker of structures... 

Not breaking for the sake of breaking, but breaking things down so that what is TRUE can emerge so clearly and simply. 

So simply in fact it feels like it’s not even a thing - and it isn’t, because it is your greatness. 

The thing you can’t not do, because it’s what you are wired for, it’s what you do effortlessly.  The thing that you don’t see because you take it for granted that everyone has this, is this, does this. 

But they don’t.

Even within structures, there is an opportunity to tear down that which is not necessary.  The parts that are there because “that’s how we have always done it”, or “that’s how I was taught”, or “that’s how it’s done”.

Within business, relationships, parenting, caring for your body, education, money…

Within each of these is an opportunity to really look at the pieces and get clear on what is true and what is not true.  What belongs – for YOU – and what doesn’t.

This is not for everyone. 

There are those that are content with following the societal-imposed structures.  And there is no judgment; each of us is here to walk our own path. 

This is for those who know that they are here to break down the structures too. 

You know if that’s you. 

There are no words that need to be spoken.  

There is no convincing that needs to be done.  

There are no debates that need to be had.

This is about REMEMBERING that that is you. 

Remembering that you can choose to break it down.

Remembering that you can choose to live within it.

You always have the choice.

The trick is that sometimes we become so complacent with the structures that we even forget that there is something outside of it. 

But then you remember.

You may not remember it in your mind, intellectually.  But you remember it in your BEING, in your knowing, in your experience, in your body.

You don’t settle.

You don’t care if that’s how others “do it”.

You have an inner compass that is so strong it can’t be denied – even if you can’t always hear it, or can’t always depend on it – it is always there. 

It is there in a ping, or a pull, or a feeling – something’s not quite right.  You may default to wanting to fight the system or rebel it or ignore it – but that’s not it either.

So what do you do?

Sometimes we are lulled by the structure – it’s ease of knowing exactly what comes next, for who, and when.  It seems so easy, like floating down the river, just go with it, it’ll be fine, just go with the structure…

But to you it actually feels like you are going the wrong way down the river.  When you are in the structure it feels like you are going up stream – not floating down.

So you can choose. 

You can choose to REMEMBER that you are a breaker of the structures.

Or you can choose to forget and float painfully down the wrong direction of the river.

Remembering truly is the most challenging part. 

And it is something you are invited to do again and again and again.


Remember who you are, why you are here, how you are here to bring this into the world. 

Remember that it doesn’t have to be done “just so”.

You are a creator, not a follower. 

Following just isn’t your thing.

So truly the greatest challenge of them all is to REMEMBER to see when you have chosen to follow.  When you have chosen to let go for a moment to experience the perception of ease.  When you have chosen to try to be “normal”- just for a moment.

There are clues, we each have them, they are the invitation to the remembering.

The anxiety, the pit in the stomach, the resistance, the distraction, the numbing out – and those are just mine. ;)

What are your clues?

When we start to catch the clues, we can start to catch our thread of remembering.

And when we REMEMBER, that is when the greatness truly happens.  That is when the prosperity flows to us on our own river, because it can’t not happen. 

Because that is in deed what you are here to do and here to experience – you just needed to remember that you had to find your own path. 

If you would like support in your remembering, coming back to your self, your truth, your way of being and doing your greatness in the world, I invite you to schedule a conversation to see how I can support you.

This is about your greatness and all the ways it shows up in your life - yes it's your work, your business - and it's also your relationships, your parenting, your health, your money. 

I am gathering a small group of women who remember they are great – even if they need/want/choose support around integrating it, knowing it, and being it, to bring their true work into the world in their own way, and to discover their path to remembering all the time.

Does this resonate with you?  Where are you on your path?