Bringing in whats new...

Yes, of course it is the beginning of the year and everyone everywhere is talking about intentions, words of the year, goals.  And it is definitely an important time to be reconnecting with what we choose to create and experience this year and over the next 9 years. 
In numerology, 2017 is a 1 year (2+0+1+7=10, 1+0=1).  And a 1 year is about starting new and and creating what is to come over the next 9 year cycle. 
So it is extra potent this time to be creating and claiming your intentions. 
But you can do it your way. 
This year I don’t feel called to an intention, or a word, what I feel called to is a CLAIMING of what I know is true and is what I Desire. 
However, many of us shut down our desires, for many reasons, and one very clever reason is because you may not actually believe you DESERVE it. 
So when we turn our desires back on and connect in with what is true at a soul level, the creation process can be quite beautiful, powerful, and fast! 
Another reason we can turn off our desires is that you may actually be a very powerful creator (spoiler alert, you ARE) – perhaps you can even create things very fast, or even instantaneously.  Again, this can be very shocking to the system to stand in the wonder of the powerful creator that you are – and can be kind of scary – so, brilliantly we shut that down.  Turn off that desire so you don’t accidentally create something into being that you may not be sure you actually want – or may not deserve – or may have a judgment or story to it.
And there can be many more reasons why we shut down our desires.  But the reality is that our creation powers begin with desire.  There is the concept that if you desire something then it is already here for you, you have the opportunity to become a match to it (be the person who would create such a thing) and call it in. 
So perhaps you have lost connection to your desires, or your brain has taken over and cleverly created all kinds of reasonable, logical, practical, and bold desires (or maybe “goals”). 
I invite you to use this as an opportunity to connect in to what is true, what is really true – in your body, not just in your mind.  
Where does DESIRE live in your body?  Can you connect with that part of you and get curious, what do YOU really want to create – not just the part of you that does all the thinking (we love that part too). 
Allow it to begin to make itself known to you, with ease. 
Now as you have reconnected with your desire and you are ready to bring that in, it’s time to create some space. 
Perhaps you are physically creating space by clearing out the things that don’t match to this version of you that owns this new experience.  Letting go of the old to support the new.  It could be things, it could be schedules, clients, routines. 
And, it could be creating new space INSIDE, with new neural pathways to support the new beliefs, new energetic structures in your system, or letting go of energetic patterns that are supporting the old way of BEING. 
It’s time to BE THE MATCH to the new UP LEVELED YOU so you are experiencing exactly what you desire – and something even better than you could have imagined. 
Are you ready to UP LEVEL all the parts of you so you can create with ease, impact, purpose, AND speed? 
I am inviting a group of women who are ready to UP LEVEL their experience so they can create the experience they are here for in their business, their family, and the world. 
This is a beautiful, powerful group program where we will move through your mindset, beliefs, and energy, to create an up level in who you are to match what you want to create.  If you are interested in taking this powerful step in your business – and everywhere -contact me here and I will send you the details.
Sending love,