Digging IN - Why It's NOT About The Blueprint/System/Steps...

Does the idea of following the "blueprints" shared in your marketplace bring up a hint of disdain and a feeling of longing desire? 

You know, you are likely so over all the systems, steps, and blueprints promoted everywhere - AND at the same time you kind of wonder if it is actually the thing you really need that will finally make all the difference? 

  • So the systems don't feel congruent with you and how you do business
  • They make you feel like you're trying to be someone else
  • Maybe it worked once, but it's just not working anymore
  • You know you are here to do things different

So what are you supposed to do?  Because it's sure true that staying STUCK in between isn't working either.  

Do you want to know what is more empowering?

Being in charge of your experience, your creation, your results.

Following a system is in a sense giving away some of your power to the system or to an external authority. Someone or something who knows better than you - for you.

Learning systems and structures and formulas are good, fine, valuable, when the time is right, and you're using it in a way that enhances what you're doing as opposed to replacing who you're being in your business.

Think about when you have invested in a system. Isn't there a part of you that is wanting someone to come in and just make it easy for you again, to just make it all better?

I've so been there, done that.

And do you want to know what's even more empowering?

Being in charge of your own results, your own outcome.

Yes, that may sound scary. 

Who are you to know what is the next best step? 

Surely these other people who have created great successes in their business know more and better than you.

And they do - about how to run THEIR own business.

Unless you are creating a business that is an exact replica of someone else's business, their business model, their unique gifts, who they are and what they're here to create in the world, doing what someone else has done it will only take you so far.

And where it usually takes you is some sort of results doing someone else's business - AND STRESS.

It may work, but for how long.

There is a stress that comes from being incongruent with who you are and what you are here to do with your work in the world. When you're living in this state you may push through, follow the steps, get the results, and something will still be missing.

And for some people at certain stages that's totally fine.

I did that myself.

When I was working in my corporate job I needed to prove to myself that I could make an income being in my own business. And I followed a replicatable model that I enjoyed and learned a lot from. I created success AND discovered that it was not my passion. It still felt like a job.

The stress and anxiety from continuing to do something that is not completely congruent is not what I choose to experience.

I choose to experience conscious excellence in every area of my life.

That doesn't mean that everything is perfect all of the time (or ever??). What it means is that I know that I am the creator of my experience and I believe that things are designed to continually improve. What I know today will evolve into something else overtime.

I choose to always be looking for how I can create an even more amazing experience in every area of my life.

And this is happening while I am full of gratitude for the experience I'm currently having.  Again, it doesn't mean everything is perfect. But I know that each moment is bringing me closer to my Truth and that always leads to something greater.

So I am not going to settle for doing more work that feels like an upgraded version of my job.

So I have been in a long relationship with myself discovering, exploring, refining what is my passion, what are my unique gifts to bring into the world, what is my way of creating an impact?

And I can tell you that doing my WORK from this place is the experience I choose to have.

So as the creator of my experience, I choose to design the systems and formulas and structures that best support me and my work and the impact that I am here to create.

I still continue to invest in support for myself and my business and my ongoing growth and evolution. 

And the people I choose to support me are people who: 

  • Help me see the greatest version of myself. 
  • They challenge me to be more of myself, not a watered-down version of who they are. 
  • They help me see the patterns I continue to experience and how to shift them. 
  • They help me see the things I can't see for myself. 
  • They help me unravel the core of who I am so I can experience massive growth in all areas of my life - instead of one-by-one.  (I can hear the choir singing with that one...)  <3 

This is what is important to me. And this is what I bring to my clients and to this community. 

I am committed to supporting you to see your greatness, to see the possibilities before you, to support you and never settling for something that is not complete truth.

If you feel that it's easier to follow someone's systems, I invite you to check in with that again.

Isn't it always easier to be yourself?  <3

I would love hear from you!  Post to the BLOG below.

  • Where are you feeling this in your life, in your business, right now?  
  • Where does it feel easy or challenging to listen to your truth and determine the best next steps?