Taking action from a place of truth...

What is deep down under your desires?  Perhaps there is a part of you that wants to create success, but under that is the desire to feel appreciated, loved, and acknowledged.  What would shift for you if you didn’t need to do your work in a way to accomplish a deeper need?  The attachment that keeps you taking certain actions could slip away and you could take actions from a place of truth. 

What’s the difference between taking an action with an attachment to the outcome and taking the very same action without attachment to the outcome? 

This feels like a bad joke, but the answer is the results. 

When you peel away the needs to be seen, heard, acknowledged, appreciated [insert core feelings here]… what would you do?  Would you still do THIS work?  Would it look different?

There’s that expression, something about doing something that you would still want to do – even if you weren’t getting paid for it. 

That.  Except for instead of it just being about getting paid, what if we included all the other deep needs for love, safety, and belonging into that? 

What would you do?  It’s a tricky question even to answer, as those beliefs about what you “need” are so wrapped up into everything we see, hear, and feel, that it’s tough to separate it out and get a clean read. 

My sense is that we would take actions – possibly even the same actions – but we would be doing it with a different intention.  We would be doing it because. [Period] We wouldn’t be doing it because we want to create a new client, generate money, find love, have our children work with us [insert desired outcome here]…

What do you really feel compelled to do just because.  Because it’s who you are, because you can’t not do it, because it’s what you are here to bring to the world.

I’m playing in this space myself and continuing to peek under the belief covers and seeing more and more glimmers of truth.  

P.S.  And I thought I had done this, as in “been there, done this”.   But even that was just another layer with more beliefs and more attachments.  And where I am now is even another layer with more beliefs and more attachments. And what I am seeing is that with each layer I get curious with – or feel tied up in knots with (no biggie) –  it’s another step closer to living and speaking my truth so I can lead my change.