What is keeping you from being visible?

Are you ready to be seen? Am I? There are lots of great reasons that keep people from stepping forward into the light - where we can be seen so clearly. 

    • Hiding your energy
    • Afraid to be seen
    • Afraid to be made wrong, bad, shamed
    • Afraid to be belittled
    • Afraid to not know or make a mistake
    • Afraid to be too much

    How can I be wrong?
    I am who I am. I am not wrong.

    Sure I can make mistakes. But I am not wrong. I am a gift to the world. We each are. If I dim my light for fear of being shamed or being made bad, how does that serve anyone?

    It doesn't.

    It is for me to risk being seen. For me to risk being wrong or bad or shamed. Because when I do we can each stand more firmly in our truth. And if we are more in our truth even if I am wrong or incorrect in my words or actions others will see the distinction. They will see the difference in my words and my actions from who I am as a person.

    For I can never be wrong. Simply by being me, I am so very right. And so are you.

    We may each make mistakes or missteps but we are never wrong.

    So shine the light, speak your truth, step into the center of the stage with your words or your actions, or the change you wish to see in the world.

    When we are each wrong together - with no shame - that is when we create magic. That is when our separate ideas that may not hold individually come together to form a concept neither of us could have created on our own.

    That is when we form a new possibility that can create great change in the world.

    For you. For me. For us.