Are you obsessed with your business? (Is that okay…)

I used to tell myself this story that it was okay that I was obsessed with my business – it was actually a good thing – because I love it so much, and it is an important part of me. 

This was something that showed up almost compulsively – thinking about my work (not just things to do, really, more focused on the big picture, mission, strategies) all the time.  All. The.Time.

 And it’s true, I do love my work.  It is an important part of me, it is creativity, it is connection to my inner wisdom, it is how I fulfill my purposeful work in the world.

AND, it was an obsession.  Thinking about work all the time, staying up late to do my work, feeling preoccupied.  Like I was trying to solve some never ending puzzle – which my brain LOVES to do. 

But, It was just unhealthy. 

And, at the time, I would probably still tell you that is was a totally normal thing to do in the entrepreneurial world. 

Now, I can feel the difference in a new way. 

There is a freedom, a lightness, a layer of peace that I am experiencing that wasn’t so present before.  It was to a certain degree, but not like this. 

I used to think I was working so much and so consumed, because I was creating freedom.  But this is really freedom. 

The inner knowing that I have created something that is sustainable, that creates significant impact in the world, with my clients, and in their lives. 

That’s a big deal- to me. 

And it was too big of a deal.

It was my way of being “enough”.  It was another way for me to externally validate who I am and what I do, to give meaning for myself and my existing. 

And again, at the time that was what needed to happen.  It was all part of my process.  But now I am seeing, experiencing, and feeling a new experience. 

One where I am truly present with my family, where I can go days (and nights) without working, where I can really PLAY with my kids and not have a fear of missing something or needing to do something else, where I know that what is being called for me is here for a reason, and when nothing is calling that’s okay too.

So I’m curious, are you addicted to your business?  Are you obsessed? 

Is your business your identity?

Are you feeling the attachment to your business?  Are you ready to feel and experience more freedom?

This is where the fun part comes in, send me an email and request a conversation where we can look at how and what is to come next for you. 

I will bring my truth seeking, seeing the unseen, business, wisdom self, with your magic greatness and we can discover what comes next in the creation of the next greatest version of you and the evolution of your business. 

Even though you have already done it this way, this can be an opening to do it a new way – one that is even better than you could have imagined. 

What would you like?

Sending love,