Why I changed my name...

Prior to a month ago I had never even considered changing my name.  I like my name, I like that it's different, I like a lot of things about it.  There isn't really anything I don't like about it. 

As I was doing my personal work, exploring new layers, and through my own practice, energy work, and working with my mentors and healers, I discovered that my name didn't feel like 'my name' anymore.  

This was a pretty crazy thing for me to even contemplate.  It began to bring up new possibilities I hadn't even realized before.  I playfully began to look at other names, feeling curious, "trying them on", and really letting this be an internal process. 

And OF COURSE, I also happen to be studying more around numerology and discovered that every name has an energy - it can be fortunate or challenging.  It turns out that my current name is not a fortunate name.  I could have just adjusted the spelling - or done nothing - but I took this in and it began to turn into something real and meaningful for me.  

The idea of changing my name became more and more real the more I sat with it and the more I worked through the layers of what was coming up with this change. 

  • Am I running away from something? 
  • Is this just another layer that will come and go? 
  • Is there any depth to the idea that names hold different energies? 
  • Who am I - with any name? 
  • And on and on...

As I worked through everything that presented I simultaneously was exploring and being curious about new names, in a playful kind of way.  

Then I found THE NAME and it resonated through every part of me, I knew it was the name.  

I felt excited, I felt nervous, and I felt confident.  

I shared it with my husband and kids and a few close friends.  I began to do some research to see how one goes about changing a name.  I signed up for a new email address with the name, registered the domain name - because that's the way my excitement and curiosity were showing up (and that's how I roll...). 

And then I sat with it more.  

Then the FEAR set in.  Are people going to think I am crazy?  Am I crazy?  Is this a thing? What am I thinking? 

Yep, I was thinking all right, over-thinking, letting it smash down my truth and my knowing.  So I worked through that.  And from there everything fell beautifully into place.  

I called the court house to see how this works through the legal system, turns out there are a couple days each week where they do name changes at a specific time.  And it happened to be a beautifully powerful timing for me which had another level of significance and was filled with ease.  

So, with my 3 kids, we woke up early to drive 48 minutes to the district court house.  I filled out the paperwork, paid the fee, and went before a judge to have this change made legal. 

It felt so great.  And it felt private, like it was just for me.  And I was okay with that, at the time.  

Then more layers were needing to be tended, so I did that with my mentor and healing team and here we are.  

And the energetics of it are no joke.  Since I have began to embody the name for myself - before even sharing it with the world - I have seen external results for my business, with my children, in how I show up in the world.  And while all those things are also possible without significantly changing a name, it is also powerful to see the impacts that the energetics play in every part of your life (not only in a name).  

If you are curious about your name, and if you have a fortunate or challenging energetic to your current name, send me an email and I can share with you more details about this simple exploration!  It's fun to realize another level of impact you can have in your life - and your business.  

I appreciate you reading this story and for your support!  

I would love to hear from you, how I can I best support you right now?  Please share in the comments below or click here to send me a note.   

Sending love, 

Arriya  :) 

**By the way, you can look for my Facebook profiles, and my email signatures to change shortly.  Please know that while my name has changed, I am the same person with the same profile pic on the other side.  <3