"It's super easy, right this way"...

A+B+C=Your dream business

The Simple System to Success

5 Steps to Everything You Desire

If you have studied the online marketing space, a little or a lot, you may begin to see that there is a pattern.  There is a way that if you "just follow these steps" or "run your business like this" that everything will result in "6 & 7 figures".

And, while that may be true, there is a lot that may not be true in those statements.  Of course, it likely worked for the individuals who are offering to teach it - and there is definitely benefits to developing a system - except when there's not.  

System = Good

Yes, sometimes.  

Here's the thing, when you study "the ways of doing business" you will find that most of it is all the same at the big picture level.  So why is it that it works for some and it doesn't work for others?  Or why does it work sometimes and not all the time? 

The Answer:  Because there is more to it...

If you have been following my writings lately you will see the theme here, how you show up, who you are being, what you are believing, ALL impact the actual results you receive. 

And what is even more clear is that when you are following along with the "systems of business" you may be missing some important pieces all together.  

The flavor, the essence, the spirit of your work is really the thing that people are buying - and to go so far as to say the flavor, essence, spirit of YOU when you are running a service-based business. 

So if you are "off", then your results will likely also be off. 

And, there's even more.  

When we get locked into seeing the business marketplace, your business, your way of offering your products and services, your way of being in business - we may be missing another opportunity for delivering your work and deepening your impact into the world. 

So the big question is, what are you NOT seeing that is possible for you and your business because you are trained to think about your business within the system.

I can't help but look at things from a different angle, to shake things up a bit, to poke holes and see what actually sticks, what is true, what is illusion, what is playing by the rules, and what is TRUTH? 

Not just what is True in the Industry or Marketplace, but what is True for YOU? 

One of my clients is an attorney who created a complete shift in the work she is doing, changed her area of focus in her business, upgraded her money mindset, and is now playing more and stressing less (and making more money) - not because she followed a system, but because we tuned in to what she wanted to create, who she is, how she brings her greatness into her work, and from there created a plan for her business based on that.  

And, she's still doing her work.  She's still upgrading her beliefs and her mindset to bring her to the next level with her clients, with her business, with her whole life experience.  

The biggest shift was freeing up what she thought she should be doing, and connecting with what she actually wants to do - and all the layers within that.  

And that can be easier said than done.  I've had the experience MANY times where what I know in one moment can be completely dismantled in the next.  One discovery of a core pattern, belief, or experience can release the story and all the places it has weaved itself into every part of life.  

While that can be a big deal, it can also be very freeing.  And, when that shift takes place, you begin to see another whole layer of Truth.  

And it's not that the last layer wasn't Truth - it was at the time, and it was influenced by illusions and story.  And so is this layer.  And that's ok.  The more we free ourselves from completing the work and just know that there is always more, the more we can relax into just being in our experience and doing our work right now.  Trusting that the next layer that releases will bring even more greatness to the surface. 

So while it may be super tempting to follow the steps, learn the steps, tweak the steps - don't beat yourself up if they aren't working for you.  

It's not a time to beat yourself up, it's really an INVITATION to Create Your Work on Your Terms.  It's an invitation to do the next layer of your work.  It is an invitation to peek under the pieces you can see and those that are unseen.  And if you can't do that for yourself, that's when you reach out for support from someone who can see the unseen.  

And then, you may choose to come back to the steps, the system, and perhaps it will work, and perhaps it won't.  But when you come back to yourself with curiosity and self-responsibility, you will lean into the pieces, tweak it, try again, or choose something completely different. 

There are no guarantees.  There are no rules.  

But there is your passion, your commitment, your purpose, guiding you to the next step and revealing new layers of your truth each step of the way.  

If you are feeling the call to receive support in seeing what you can't yet see, so you can up level your business - and yourself - and create results on your terms, send me a note at love@realresultsmentoring.com.  I am excited to offer this beautiful support in a small group called The Wisdom Circle - and private - so you can create meaningful shifts that show up in your business (and everyone else).  

Be Inspired!  Take Action.


P.S.  If you are interested in enrolling in The Wisdom Circle, or are curious to learn if it's a fit for you and where you are in your business now, send me an email at love@realresultsmentoring.com and we'll have a quick conversation and see what is in the highest service for you right now.