Sitting in the in between...

Do you have a successful business? Successful in all the ways that you can check off on the imaginary boxes...  making money, satisfied clients, amazing results.  

AND, yet you have this feeling like this isn't quite IT?  There is something in you that knows that this is a piece of it, and the work you are here to do isn't just this.

But there is this fear, will people be ready for this?  Will you be ready for this? Will you be willing to live in that much truth - the kind that shakes the foundation of all that you know - because you know that it is on the other side of this current state of unknowing? 

There is this desire to KNOW.  To know what will come next, will it work, will it be successful.  

And there is no way to know.  Sure, you can create success, you've done that before.  But will this be successful in a soul satiating kind of way, in the way that you wake up each morning and it pulls you toward it - because you can't not do it? 

So what do you do?  

You have the money, the clients, this body of amazing work that you have created.  Do you walk away from it all?  Do you start over?  Do you blend it?  Does it all fit together? 

Trying to figure it out. 

Trying to figure it out...

Trying to figure it out! 

What is the answer?  Your brain so desperately wants to know the answer.  You have always had the answers when you wanted them before, so why is this so different?  

Now that you are on the edge of this deepest truth, this soul knowing, why do the answers elude you? 



Ask yourself, why do you NEED to KNOW right NOW? What if the answer was to come to you with ease and grace tomorrow?  What if it wasn't quite done percolating with all it's greatness for you just yet.  What if it is stepping into a new paradigm that you are still upgrading in order to meet it in all it's glory? 

What if you were to surrender to the unknown? 

"It's so scary!  I don't know.  What if I never know?"  Right?

Your brain so wants to "figure it all out", and THIS, this is the thing that doesn't need to be figured out.  This is the thing that wants to be delivered to you like the great gift that it is.  It wants to come into your hands, into your knowing, at precisely the time for you to take action on it and for YOU to bring it into the world.  

So in this space in between... what do you DO???

I could tell you to do nothing.  But that's not real.  

I could tell you to do everything.  But that won't serve you or this next iteration of your work.  

The real DOing right now comes in the UnDOing.  Where are you willing to unDO what you believe to be true, real, fact, reality?  Where are you willing to step into a space where anything is possible?  Where are you willing to release all the old story, illusion, belief, WAY OF BEING, that is keeping you exactly where you are right now? 

This is the WORK.  It is the work of BEING.  Being your true greatness.  Peeling back the layers that you have picked up along the way on your path.  The layers that have kept you safe, helped you survive in this world, in this way.  And now, something deeper is calling.  In order for you to receive, you have to be willing to do things different.  Be willing to BE different.  Not different than who you are, just different than who you have been trying to be. 

Under all the layers of story, expectation, survival, there is you.  Truth.   

Are you willing to do this "work"?  It is so worth it.   

This is where freedom lives.  This is where integration is experienced.  Not in the completion, but in the experience of being on the path.  

If you are called to do this work, and you want support in "seeing" what you can't yet see, in releasing the energy, stories, and beliefs that are keeping you from knowing what comes next, reply to this email and we will set up a time to connect.  

This is the work I do.  Yes, it is about business.  But this work is what leads to the "success" you really want to be experiencing in your business - and your life.  

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