What if it doesn't have to be separate?

Even though I work from my home, I have created tremendous flexibility for myself with my family and my work. I have created space for myself to play and travel during the summer (and for lots of self-care), and yet, I have still been living with separation.  

Separation between work and family.  Almost like they are competing priorities - both so important to me that doing one feels to be taking away from the other.  

And what I see now is that that was the construct that supported me to create things to this point and now I am ready for a new creation.  

Now I am ready to move even more deeply into this next level of integration.  

In my past, I (and therefore my kids as well) had a negative connotation with going to work.  When I was working my corporate job, the stress I held in my body to go do this work in this way that I wasn't aligned with was incredibly uncomfortable in my body.  I felt sad, guilty, and many other feelings because I was taking time away from my family - my top priority - to do something that wasn't "worth" what I was missing.  Of course there are many perspectives to that, since I was grateful that it funded the beginning of my business, allowed me to provide for my family, develop skills I still use, and help me to find my way - among many others. 

So, going to work = stress, bad, guilt.  Whoa.  That's not what I wanted to created for them (or for me).  

So now, I am integrating a new truth.  One where I LOVE my work, and my family is still my top priority - although both are very close.  ;) 

As the upgrade and integration take place, I can now create an environment where I can do my "work" in the same way that my daughter does art, or my oldest daughter does sports - the thing they LOVE.  

So we should all be able to create in that way TOGETHER.  We can all do the things we love in a space together.  I don't have to go "work", I can create while they create.  (Yet still desiring separate time for my clients, workshops, and classes.)

Integration is my theme right now, it is what is being called to be seen, to be witnessed, to be supported with my clients, everywhere.  And this is a new layer that is being revealed.  It feels upgraded, it feels true, and it feels complete.

Where is a desire for more INTEGRATION showing up for you in your business and life? Share with me in the comments, or send me a note.  

Be Inspired!  Take Action.