Discovery, soul-searching and inquiry...

Here is something I am playing with, I would love your thoughts...

It seems that there is a progression to our evolution.

What I witness is that there is usually something "close to home" that is the catalyst for the initial change or beginning of the path to self/soul discovery.

This seems to come in the form of a focus on changing an area of our health or body, a relationship (with partner, parent, friend), parenting, and starting or growing a business.

This can cause all kinds of significant and deep transformation that eventually shifts the focus to the self. Along this path it becomes more and more clear that we are the creator of our experience and that in each area that may arise for us to focus, we as the individual are truly the source for the change.

So while we may focus on our health, and then our relationships or parenting, and a business (or career growth) - and the path can take any multitude of combinations - along the way we discover that these things are the source of the desired change, but the true ability to create the change comes from within the individual.

This can be both a frustration and a relief.

Frustration in the sense that it can feel like a lot of responsibility to handle, to be the creator of our own experience, and ultimately the place where the change can be created.

Relief in the sense that finally there is something you have "control" of. A relief that if you do your work you can experience what you really want.

This moves us further down the exploration of the personal development path. Discovery, soul searching, inquiry, taking in a lot of information from external sources - all which leads us closer and closer to our path, our truth.

Until the moment when we realize that we have access to everything we need inside. That what we have been searching for all this time is actually available to us every moment of every day.

Again, this can be both challenging and liberating.

And after this integration and up level has taken place, we can move to something even greater. As a person on their path to growth, we can turn our attention to something outside of ourselves. We can take this grounded, aware, reflective individual and put this forward to create amazing change in the world.

Change that can't happen until the first change has occurred inside. The kind of change that results in big impact in the world. The kind of change where it takes someone who knows their own light and dark, gifts and struggles, to go into the world and be witness to what is truly occurring. Someone who can "see" with new eyes - without being triggered, without feeling inadequate, without doubt or fear - and take ACTION. Massive action that now benefits both the individual and the community/the world, because this person can't NOT do what they are here to do.

They can't NOT create the change they are here to create in this world.

Some will be complete at different stages along the path, others may have a completely different experience with their path, some will never come to this point of shifting the focus out into the world.

There is no judgement, there is no right or wrong, there is just you doing your work. Wherever you go on your path is beautiful.

Do your work. Discover your greatness. Never stop discovering about your self and your purpose. Then go take great ACTION to create the change you are here to create.