What game are you playing?

Are you playing the game of  "I want to get by, make some money, take care of my family, create a nice business"?


Are you playing the game of  "I want to create a nice life for my family, BUT that’s a by product of my true desire to create change in the world (or my community, the school, etc.)"?

We spend so much time trying to figure things out.

·      How to get clients

·      How to build a brand

·      How to use all the social media sites

·      How to do advertising

·      How to deliver to clients

·      How to hire and manage a team

·      How to sell products with high integrity and get results

All important, right?  YES!

AND, we get sidelined into thinking about this end result – the one where the business is “successful”. 

But WHY did you really get into business in the first place? 

We all know about connecting to our WHY, and how powerful that can be.  But what happens when you fulfill that Why?  When you have the house, can take care of your family, have the flexibility and freedom.  Then what? 

Then you get stuck.  You are DONE.  You lose the desire to continue to go forward – because you already did it.  You reached the “finish line”. 

So as one of my mentors shared, you need to set your big WHY so big that you can’t complete it in this lifetime. 

Now this is not to get lost in the “bigness” of your big vision.  This is to connect back with why you are here in the first place. 

Chances are you want to change something, yes?

What do you want to change?  The way people parent, the way people grow up in this world, the way people experience safety or validation, the way people have access to fundamental resources, the way we educate, the political system, the list literally can go on and on. 

We each have our own greatness to bring into this world.  

Connect back with your why.  It may not be clear to you right now, but be open to receive the knowing when the timing is just right.  

But KNOW that there IS more, there is something GREATER that is calling you.  You can hear it, you know it deep inside, you are not egotistical or self-centered if you believe this.  You are RIGHT.  You are here to bring your greatness into the world. 

So, what game are you playing? 

And are you prepared to do the work so you can fulfill that- for you, yes. But also for the world?

I am opening a small number of spots to have conversations with me over the next 2 weeks to see if we are a fit to support you in creating your great change in the world – in your business, your mission, and where that leads to next.

If you are feeling called to step into that new paradigm of leadership – where you are connected to your knowing, your greatness, and a group of women who are also here to create their great change in the world, then send me an email and we will reach out to schedule a time to connect. 

I’m excited for what we can all do together, when each of us step into our greatness and take action from that space – connected to our WISDOM.


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