It begins when you say YES...

There is a beautiful unfolding that begins to happen from the moment you say yes.  Yes to yourself, yes to a next step, yes to your business.  

I have recently decided to invest in myself and my business again (which I do often), and  there is such an amazing process that unfolds.  It is in the making of the decision, in the saying yes, that the transformation begins.  There doesn't even need to be a class or a meeting, it is the calling into the next level of your greatness, hearing the call, and choosing to honor it that creates the initial shift.  

All that comes together as someone prepares to create something new is powerful and not to be overlooked.  This comes up in the sales conversations and in the sales process in general.  Honoring someone's YES.  Honoring their process to YES.  

Here's what I have experienced in saying YES in two different examples: 


The Download: 

First, this last month I continued to follow my guidance and my knowing as it led me further along my path.  This is the path that is my truth and more and more of it is revealed each time I say yes by taking another aligned step.  

This last month I said yes to doing something different - so aligned - but still different.  It is on the edge of my current business, but still different.  Which happens to be how I like to roll - DIFFERENT.  Anyway, this felt edgy, and scary, and exciting, and as I took action on this (The Wisdom Seekers, soon to be at, (join us in the FaceBook group HERE), more and more began to unfold for me.  And along the way, I was in this great flow.  I received speaking engagement requests for multiple talks, I had my best sales day (and month) yet, I had people engaging in this new community.  

When this first came through to me, it wasn't neat and tidy, it was big and messy.  It was bits of information that didn't totally make sense to me.  But I stayed with it, I knew this was something good, so I stayed curious, I asked more questions, I received more guidance.  

And when I received it, I took action that was inspired - I couldn't NOT take action!  And it is still unfolding for me step by step.  It is a beautiful practice in trusting, letting my mind take a backseat (but still be involved), and to see what can be created in this experience.  

The Community: 

And, second, as I am on my way to Arizona to meet with my mentors and a small group of other seriously amazing entrepreneurs, I can feel the shifts starting to take hold.  I'm not even there yet, but over the last few days, it's as if I am preparing for the next up-level.  Being in this group of people creates change, I know I will see things differently, I know I will be different when I return.  So in my YES to participating in this group last year, and in my YES to going on this trip for 5 days, I am already receiving the goodness that is coming.  

Yes, the experience matters and will be life changing.  But the key is to honor the YES that starts you down the path.  This is the YES that changes everything. 

Honor the YES

As you hold space for your clients to find their YES, as you hold the knowing that they can create something they may not even see for themselves yet, honor their process to coming to the YES.  This is where you can hold them through the stories that come up, the stories that keep them from honoring their YES, their truth, their greatness.  And in holding space for their process, you are also hearing for the truth - because sometimes it's a NO - and that can be just as powerful.  

Here's to YES!  What are you willing to say YES to today? 

Be Inspired! Take Action.



(By the way, I have been receiving lots of love notes from the participants of Upgrade Your Money Story - so you can create abundance, so we are going to do it again coming up in June.  If you are a YES to upgrading your money story so you can handle the money objection, join me for the upcoming class - it is powerful!)