Why ACCOUNTABILITY is actually hurting your business...

You don't need to be held accountable.
Being held accountable is not serving you.

There is a lot of talk about being held accountable. And wanting accountability.

But Why do we need someone else to hold us accountable?

I believe we are all powerful creators of our own experiences. That we move through experiences aligned and inspired. And when we experience that, creation just happens. You can complete a lot of great work with what feels like little effort.

But then there are times when we don't feel like that. 

Perhaps we are shifting through some old beliefs or up leveling in our experience. This can feel down, unmotivated, or even like the dark night of the soul.

So during those times you may not be checking things off the checklist the same as you did before when things were flowing.

So if you have someone else holding you accountable, then what?

You take action to please someone else.
You take action out of forcing yourself - instead of inspiration.
You take action out of guilt and beat yourself up for not being where you should be.

You are by definition out of alignment. You are not congruent with your actions.  And if we are not congruent we send ourselves into a stress response.  

And then we are fighting against ourselves!  And the results from taking in-congruent actions will not be as successful as when you are taking aligned action.

What we really need instead of accountability is to be seen, heard, supported, and held.

We need to be trusted that we are where we are for a reason and something great will come from it.

We need to be trusted that we will ask for the help we need. Whether that's to be shown what we can't see, to release a belief, or energy, or something that is holding us down, or to be reminded of our greatness.

We need to be seen as powerful creators. Because that's what we are. And when we are walking the path of our unique truth their is no one who can tell us which step to take next.

But they can definitely remind us we are on our path and to keep going and that this will create something more amazing on the other side.

So, no, you don't need accountability.

You need people who connect you back with your truth, or the new layer of truth that is revealing itself to you.

You need to stand in your greatness through the light and the dark and walk your path.

You need to be surrounded by people who will walk your path with you.

You need to be trusted, to trust yourself, and to trust your tribe.


Are you ready? 

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