Is your energy dragging? Check out these 5 practices to increase your energy and boost your results...

You need to have energy as an entrepreneur.  It, along with pure divine inspiration is what keeps things moving forward.  Without it perhaps you have the experience of “making” yourself do things, or pushing through to do things even if you don’t feel like it. 

I know that for me, when I find myself getting things done because I “have to”, or I “make myself”, I don’t see the same kind of results as I do when it flows through me like magic. 

So energy is critical to the success of your business!

I can get lost in the story that I need more energy.  I have three kids, a business, a big vision.  I can notice a story that appears in the morning as I get up to make the lunches, the breakfast, and help the kids to get to school. 

I’m sitting here looking at the ocean, my second trip to a beach this month.  First was to Mexico, now to the Oregon coast.  As I sit here I see the ocean waves consistently pouring in, I hear the ever-present sound of the waves rumbling. 

And what I have been noticing more and more is that I get to choose.  I get to choose to keep that story running that I’m tired in the morning and that my energy is physically low.  Or I can choose to have a different experience. 

Just like any other story we are experiencing in our lives – our success story, our money story, our relationship story – we get to choose.

So, as I see the ocean rolling with constant waves, I am reminded that energy is abundant.  These waves don’t stop. And just like the ocean, I am made of that same abundant force, and I can experience that abundant flow of energy as well. 

Here are 5 parts of my practice I have been putting in place to allow me to increase my energy, my focus, and my results in my business. 

  1. Each night before I go to bed I request (to Source, the Divine, Insert the Name You choose) to wake in the morning with an abundant flow of energy, to feel joyful, excited, and full of energy and life.
  2. Every morning before I get out of bed I set an intention.  I choose what I want to experience that day, including how I want to feel – full of energy, ease, presence, etc.
  3. While I am setting my intentions, I choose to be the creator of my experience.
  4. I diffuse essential oils before bed to awake with increased energy and during the day to support the emotional experience I want to have that day.
  5. Each day I drink water and eat (mostly) whole foods.

What are your daily practices?  I would LOVE to know! 

So the big question is, are you willing to choose to let go of your story and experience an increase in energy?