You've NEVER Been This Before...

You've never been this YOU before
All the work you've done
Has brought you to this moment.
You've never done this work before
You couldn't have.
You weren't HERE before
You weren't you before
The you you are now
You have never been before
And you'll never be again
So what does this you want NOW
What is it ready for
What is possible now in this moment
That has never been possible before...

Ok, so I don't know exactly what that is, but it just came out.  And, I like it.  

What is wanting to shift or release for you now that hasn't been ready until this very moment?  What is possible for you now, from here?

You may have already dug deep in lots of personal development stuff, lots of belief work - or maybe not yet.  

I used to think, NOOOO, I don't want to do anymore.  I've done enough personal development stuff, dug into the darkness ENOUGH.  And now even though it isn't always sunshine and roses, I welcome the times when more presents itself to be released.  Now I can see what's possible on the other side.  So I can know with certainty that I won't be in the middle of it forever, there is something amazing ready for me on the other side.  

For some people it's true that when you surround yourself with people who are LIKE how you want to be, it will help you to move toward that.  But the reality is that's only true for about half the people. Other people more powerfully create when they are around people they are DIFFERENT from.  

There are many pieces to understand how you most powerfully create in your life, how you manifest your desires.  When you really start to understand your unique map for manifesting what you want, you can align with that even more, and allow yourself to purposefully create.  

So knowing where you are in your path of discovery, and your unique way of creating (at soul-level) you can be even more of the powerful creator in your life.  

Are you curious to know how you manifest most powerfully at soul-level?  Drop me a note and I'll share with you more about how you can KNOW this about yourself too.

Be Inspired!  Take Action.