The Anxiety of a Money Decision...

Imagine this... a family who enjoys traveling, really enjoys exploring and adventuring - but in modern comforts.  This family plans to go on a vacation, to do something special.  

"Let's go to Hawaii", they say.  "Or Costa Rica".  

They set an amount of money to spend on this adventure, and they receive even more money unexpectedly to make it even easier to say yes.  Everything is coming together beautifully.  

And then, nothing happens.  NOTHING. 

They don't book the flight.  They don't book the hotel.  They don't pick the specific dates. 

They don't go to Hawaii or Costa Rica.  

What's going on?  This isn't about the money, they planned for it, they earned more than they planned.  

This isn't about the money.  But to them somehow it seemed to be about the money.  The conversation went something like this...

Should we really go on a big vacation?  Should we really spend that much on a trip?  Is that what we really want to do? 

Here's what was underneath, it wasn't about the money - and it was absolutely about the money.  This was about value.  It was about valuing themselves, valuing their experience, valuing the time they chose to spend together as a family, valuing to spend their money in this way.  

In the end, it's really about, are they worth it?  Are they worth getting to have this kind of an experience?  Are they worth having this nice of an experience? 

The thing that shows up for people over and over - the Money Story.  

The money story doesn't have to be about not having money.  It can be about never having enough money (even if you live pretty comfortably), it can be not having enough flowing consistently, it can be always wanting more, it can be not keeping it once you have it - like it just sort of disappears down the funnel.  

And, it can be that you don't let yourself enjoy having money or making purchases, without guilt.  

Your money story is not about some good or bad story around money.  There is no judgement with it.  It is truly about this - is your experience with money what you want to be experiencing or is it not?  And, if it isn't, would you like to change that experience to something else?

One powerful place to start is to understand your money archetypes so you can be empowered and informed about your money patterns, gifts, strengths, and challenges.  Then of course you can shift it, clear it, and make new choices that support creating what you really do want instead. 

So for this family, it's not about not having enough money.  It's about being able to enjoy the experiences they choose to spend their money on.  

What is your money story?  

Is it supporting you to create what you want? 

Would you like to have a different money experience? 

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