This is where the MAGIC happens...


In my coaching sessions for awhile now, longer than I even realized, I have been really leaning into a special tool I have developed.  It's something we all have, but not everyone trusts it.  It's your INTUITION.  

Although that word doesn't seem to do it justice for me.  It's more like connecting to your inner wisdom, your great knowing.  And when you bring that into a client session and it meets with the energy of the client - that's where the magic happens! 

I used to discount this, I used to think there were just times when I was really on and times where it was just luck.  But now I know that there is actually something much deeper going on here.  This isn't random.  This is a very purposeful creation taking place to maximize the experience of creation between two powerful creators.  

I hold all my clients as powerful creators.  

The more that I have developed my process for tapping into this greater wisdom, things will come through me that were meant specifically for that client.  They are things that came through specifically to be delivered to that client.  The more that I step out of the way of that process and trust this knowing, this greater wisdom, the more the magic happens.  

This is not about me.  My ego can't be involved.  As soon as that happens, that's when the flow stops.  

And WOW!

The process of connecting with the power of your knowing during your client sessions creates powerful results beyond any "coaching" skills.

It's where the magic happen.

If you want to learn more about how to use the wisdom that is beyond your intellectual, thinking brain, send me a note and I'll know this is something you are interested in reading more about.  I can feel there is more to come...

For now, what are some of the practices you can do for yourself to allow this to become more purposeful and timely - and not random?  I would love to hear about your experiences.